Microsoft Windows Search Index Issues Needs A Dedicated App Called ‘Indexer Diagnostics’ Available For Download Now

Microsoft has launched an early beta version of ‘Indexer Diagnostics’ that attempts to investigate issues pertaining to Windows Search in Windows 10 Operating System. Although in its beta stage, the app, currently available for download, assures to discover and fix the multiple inefficiencies, issues, and anomalies in Windows Search.

Microsoft Windows 10 Operating System has a powerful and regularly needed feature called Windows Search. The Windows Search is deeply integrated within Fie Explorer and several other apps. Although one of the core features, Windows Search often behaves erratically or fails to work completely when new patches are released or deployed for Windows 10 OS. The new Indexer Diagnostics is meant to ensure Windows Search operates optimally.

Indexer Diagnostics Better Than Windows Troubleshooter To Sort Out Issues With Windows Search In Windows 10 OS?

The Windows 10 OS already includes Windows Troubleshooter, a powerful and versatile diagnostic software. The troubleshooter is comprehensive and is able to dive deep into the internal Windows 10 files to discover issues. The troubleshooter also offers to deploy working solutions. However, it appears Microsoft is suggesting the Indexer Diagnostics app is better suited to solve issues with Windows Search.

According to Microsoft, the Indexer Diagnostics app should help both users or administrators troubleshoot Windows Search related issues and analyze search indexing issues. The Indexer Diagnostics app displays information on the home screen that can be useful to troubleshoot search indexing problems on the Windows 10 device.

Microsoft Tests Indexer Diagnostics App to Fix Windows Search Issues

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The app also shows all important information, such as the number of indexed and pending elements, as well as statistics on usage by type (last hour, day and week). If Windows Search stops working, Windows 10 OS users can use the app to restart or reset the search service. Users can also find if a particular app, file or executable file is indexed by Windows Search. Additionally, the app also displays the list of excluded paths. Simply put, if a particular file is not indexed, it wouldn’t show up in Windows Search.

The Indexer Diagnostics app may be in the beta stage, but it has neatly laid out and simple to use tabs in the sidebar such as “Search does not work”, and “Is my file indexed”. While the first tab can be used to initiate a restart or start the reset of the search service, the second tab can be used to find out whether a certain file has been indexed by Windows. There’s a third tab called “What is indexed” which shows the list of included and excluded paths to exclude errors there too.

How to Use #IndexerDiagnostics App for #WindowsSearch Indexer Issues in #Windows10See:

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Incidentally, Microsoft hasn’t officially announced the Indexer Diagnostics app. However, experts indicate the company should share more details soon. Besides a direct download link, the Indexer Diagnostics app beta version can also be downloaded from the Microsoft Store.

Why Does Windows 10 OS Need An Additional Indexer Diagnostics App?

The Windows 10 OS has undergone several refinements and alterations since it has launched. Even the core components like Windows Search has undergone fundamental changes. After tightly integrating Cortana with Windows Search, Microsoft recently delinked the two completely. Now Cortana is available as a standalone and independent app.

Window and @Bing are teaming up to create the best possible experience with Windows Search. Learn more here:

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However, Microsoft integrated Web Searches and other top apps within Windows Search. This maker navigating through Windows 10 OS easier, but it complicates the Windows Search platform significantly.

Hence, issues with Windows Search appear to be a routine occurrence after every major feature update or even patches. The Indexer Diagnostics app is certainly an interesting approach adopted by Microsoft. The app essentially helps users process and address errors on their Windows 10 PCs, and more specifically, within the versatile Windows Search platform.