Browser Based Open Source Image Optimization Tool Squoosh Comes To Google Lab’S Latest Release

Open source, browser-based image optimization tool Squoosh is Google’s new Chrome Lab release. This new web tool is meant to make web developers work a lot simpler to optimize web pages. Images loading in a website is usually the reason for them to take so long to load and Squoosh helps web developers shrink the image so that it consumes lesser data. Squoosh can downsize, compress, and reformat images. Its purpose is to make web developers’ work less tedious and hence quicker. Google chrome labs made this tool available offline and said it would be handy to have this tool work offline. Squoosh also supports editing image codecs that are not normally available in the browser.

It supports MozJPEG, WebP, PNG, and JPG formats. Images can be made web ready with the tool. Chrome labs has also enabled a tiny tweak with which the tool lets you compare the web-enabled, edited image with the original image

It extremely easy to use this web app. You simply need to drag and drop a picture on the screen, or click on “select an image”, which takes you to a browser to browse for an image. Two editing windows will open. You can adjust the compression using a slider here. It is also possible to select a different format here. works smoothly on all major browsers, and even on mobiles. It works best, as you can guess, on Google Chrome.