New Battlefield 5 art has been shown off as well as an announcement that reveals that Battlefield 5 will be taking players to Norway as well as North Africa as part of the WW2 experience.  This information comes from the official Twitter account and there is a lot of hype around the game for sure. You will be able to check out more about the game at E3 2018.

More than 30 countries took part in the war and hence its massive scale. It would not be surprising if other countries were revealed later on as well. According to the official Twitter account:

You might think you’ve seen World War 2, but there are more battlefields than you might know. Norway? North Africa? This is World War 2 as you’ve never seen it in gaming.

There has been a lot of talk about the game since we got the first trailer and there are people that did not like the female characters being part of the game. Some people talked about this as being inaccurate and how this breaks immersion. DICE was quick to respond to this and the developer has made it clear that Battlefield has never tried to be historically accurate and that the game is liberal. The same is the case with Battlefield 5.

You can check out the concept art for the new locations below:

The game seems to be pretty good and while there are mixed remarks about the reveal, I am sure the game will redeem itself when we have the chance to get into the action. According to Oskar Gabrielson, General Manager, DICE:

Battlefield V is a homecoming for DICE as a studio—a return to the era that came to define the Battlefield franchise. But as nostalgic as we are about World War 2, we wanted to challenge the preconception of the era with an unexpected portrayal of this familiar setting. Our vision with Battlefield V is to let players explore new and untold sides of the conflict that shaped the modern world. The scale of each battle and level of immersion is unlike anything we’ve done before in Battlefield and players are in for an epic journey.”

Let us know what you think about the new Battlefield 5 locations and whether or not you are interested in play the game at launch.