AMD has really stepped up their driver game over the years. They really had lackluster drivers, which didn’t come with a lot of features, unlike Nvidia’s Experience software. That was until they introduced the Crimson update, which completely revamped the UI with a shade of black and red along with new features like game streaming and casting.

AMD Frame Rate Target ControlSource – AnandTech

Then at the end of 2017 we saw the next big release, which introduced the Adrenaline edition. With this edition AMD introduced reduced latency and frame rate target control among other things.

Today AMD released a new beta driver titled Adrenalin Edition 18.9.1, it brings support for two new games including Shadow of the Tomb Raider and Star Control: Origins.

Fixed Issues

  • Radeon FreeSync sometimes failed to enable when playing Monster Hunter™: World, fixed now.
  • Radeon Settings sometimes appeared on the right-click context menu on Windows desktop after Radeon Software installation, fixed now.
  • AMD Link may  failed to connect on Android Pie devices due to authentication failures, fixed.
  • Radeon Settings sometimes poped up an error message due to Driver and Radeon Settings version mismatch, also fixed.
  • Cursor or system lag was observed on some system configurations when two or more displays were connected and one display was powered off, fixed now.
  • Some DirectX12 gaming applications experienced instability while recording with Radeon ReLive on system configurations using Radeon R9 290 and Radeon R9 390 series graphics products, fixed now.

Known Issues

  • Sometimes AMD Ryzen Desktop Processors with Radeon Vega Graphics system configurations may experience a black screen during installation downgrade to a previous Radeon Software version. Users are advised to clean uninstall the drivers, and then roll back to previous versions
  • Some Radeon RX Vega Series graphics card might experience higher memory clocks during system idle.
  • Computers running with 16+ CPU cores may experience a random system reboot during installation when upgrading Radeon Software from a version older than RSAE 18.8.1. Again, users are adviced to perform a clean install

Compatible Series of ProductsDesktop Cards-

Radeon RX Vega Series Graphics Radeon™ RX 500 Series Graphics
Radeon™ RX 400 Series Graphics AMD Radeon™ Pro Duo
AMD Radeon™ R7 300 Series Graphics AMD Radeon™ R7 200 Series Graphics
AMD Radeon™ R9 Fury Series Graphics AMD Radeon™ R5 300 Series Graphics
AMD Radeon™ R9 Nano Series Graphics AMD Radeon™ R5 200 Series Graphics
AMD Radeon™ R9 300 Series Graphics AMD Radeon™ HD 8500 – HD 8900 Series Graphics
AMD Radeon™ R9 200 Series Graphics AMD Radeon™ HD 7700 – HD 7900 Series Graphics

The update is intended for computers and devices running Windows 7 and Windows 10 only. It is always recommended that you perform a clean driver install, using the Display Driver Uninstaller Utility. This is a beta release, so users who want a bug free experience should wait for the stable version. You can download the drivers here.