As found out lately at Gamescom, the latest Fifa would be packed with exciting new features. While many gamers may disagree by saying, “Its the same game year on year with a slight change in graphics“, EA sports is out to address that.

Perhaps the biggest addition to the game is the inclusion of Volta Football. The word originating from Portuguese, it means to return. From the meaning, we get a similar style of gameplay we saw a decade ago with Fifa Street. Emulating a street style game, EA has included the Volta Football mode to the upcoming game. It is, in its own way, the centre of the new title. Not only does it provide a story mode but a whole new perspective to the entire Fifa Game concept.

Gameplay footage for the latest Volta Mode was showcased at Gamescom

In an interview with IGN at Gamescom, Narrative Creative Director, Matt Turner explained their goal with the new addition. In a way, it is a replacement to the Journey Mode on the previous games. How it differs from it is that it allows the player to form the world around him/her. Players can make their own avatars, customise their abilities ad celebrations and even work out their stories. The possibilities are endless with the open ended approach to the whole mode. According to Matt, as he worked on the Journey as well, that they got to learn a lot from the mode and revised a couple of things according to the fans’ demands. According to him, with the various modes in Volta Football, including a journey to the world championships, they built it for non Fifa players to get a hold of the game.

They also made it to be very skill based and therefore indirectly improving the use of skills by users. Although he didn’t reveal much about the story mode from then on, he did assure that the ultimate goal was to win the championship, at the Futsal Arena in Brazil.