2018 has been the year of major innovations in the mobile industry. It all started with Vivo introducing in-display fingerprint scanner in the X21, followed by the Vivo Nex which had a pop-up selfie camera, the Oppo Find X which had all cameras as a part of the popup mechanism and finally the Nubia X which ditched all notches and pop ups by introducing another display at the back of the phone.

Vivo Nex 2 Leaked Images | Source: Weibo

It seems like Vivo is following Nubia as well, and is all set to launch the Nex 2 with a dual display and triple camera setup. The images were leaked a couple of days ago on Weibo, and it showcased the dual display and triple camera setup.

Twitter user Ice Universe today revealed some more information about the rumored device, with a couple of tweets. The first one highlights the Vivo Nex 2’s triple camera setup, and is just a short video showcasing the same. What’s interesting to note in the video is that there is a luminous ring at the back of the phone, whose identity is unknown. Whether it is present for only improving the aesthetics of the phone, or has some use, is yet to be known.

This is most likely the vivo NEX2, we know that the vivo NEX is the world’s first pop-up full-screen phone, and the NXE 2 is more aggressive with a dual-screen design. There is also a unique luminous ring, I am curious what is this? pic.twitter.com/BWrDwSO9D7

— Ice universe (@UniverseIce) November 28, 2018

The second tweet highlights both the contrasting features of the phone, i.e, the dual display and the triple camera setup. We see the mysterious luminous ring here as well, but again there is no hint regarding the same. While there is no hint regarding the device’s probable release date or it’s technical specifications, the device will probably sport Snapdragon 845, 8gb of Ram, ample internal storage, 6.59″ front AMOLED display and a 16:9 secondary display, as GSMArena reports.

Given that there are a number of pictures and details surfacing in the past few days regarding this phone, there might be some truth to it, but rumors should always be taken with a grain of salt. While the dual display setup might be a pretty good choice given that it makes taking selfies considerably easier and ensures that the quality is significantly better as well, we’re more interested in knowing what the luminous ring is out there for. If rumors are correct, we should hear more information pretty soon.