Today, cellphone development has gone a bit stagnant. It was expected given that we are restricted by the technology available to us today. Therefore, brands have gone on to cash their products based on minor improvements and a whole lot of marketing. Like names for example, if one were to hear iPhone X and iPhone 8, they’d instantly know that the iPhone X would be a better performer. This is everyone’s game now.

When it comes to naming its devices, Apple has always kept it quite straight forward. From the Original iPhone to the iPhone 8. Everyone could tell what iPhone was next and it formed a level of familiarity. Ever since the iPhone X though, Apple kind of pushed away the trend. For the iPhone’s 10th anniversary, the iPhone 8/8 Plus and the iPhone X was launched. That sort of started a vague idea of what the next model may be called. With rumors for the next one in the air and the market all over, CoinX, someone who predicted iPhone names for 2018 quite correctly, tweeted about his prediction for this year.

According to a piece by WCCFTECH, CoinX tweeted about his predictions regarding the iPhone name for the upcoming model. In his tweet, attached below, the tech blogger states that Apple may call the device iPhone Pro. While he does not directly claim that, he sparks this idea of wonderment. While everyone does expect the models to be called the iPhone XI and XI Max, things might take a turn around, as they did back in 2017. While the blogger had been right about a lot of stuff in the past, apart from the name, this news seems a bit shaky. Of course, the person could be teasing us with the tweet. Therefore, it is recommended that readers do not take this development to heart and wait for other updates that may or may not follow.

“Pro” for iPhone? Crazy naming schemes over the past few years.

— CoinX (@coiiiiiiiin) August 10, 2019