Barclays have been proved to provide excellent and dependable news when it comes to Apple. The precedent set does really do the company justice. According to a recent article on MacRumors, Blayne Curtis traveled to China in order to meet with the producers involved in the production lines of the iPhones.

According to the article, the company has shared its overall report of their experience with the people in the supply chain. With these experiences, they have drawn a couple of conclusions regarding the upcoming tech by Apple. The biggest and most important news comes out to be the fact that the upcoming iPhones in 2020, the Pro versions at least, would be bumped up to 6GB of RAM from the current 4GB. Meanwhile, the base level iPhone would still be featuring 4GBs of RAM.

In addition, they also added that the top tier devices would be supporting mmWave support for the expected 5G in the device. As for the base level device, there is still no confirmation whether it would support 5G, while speculations may suggest otherwise. They also claimed that the Pro Versions would have Rear-Facing 3D Sensing as well. To know more about the concept, read this article from MacRumors, from a couple of months ago.

Lastly, their report concludes on the iPhone SE 2. Again, the name is still uncertain but the analyst claims that the production of the devices would begin somewhere around February. As speculations suggested, the device would be similar to a base level iPhone 8 with a 4.7-inch display, 3GBs of RAM and an A13 chip. Blayne Curtis believes that the device would be hitting the market by the March event, next year.