The dichotomy between PC and Gaming consoles has raged on for quite some time now. While PCs do offer superior graphics and gameplay, consoles have something else on their end: exclusives. It is because many of these exclusives that people tend to go for gaming consoles. Be it the GOW (Gears of War) series for the Xbox or the God of War series for Playstation.

A major title since last year has been Read Dead Redemption 2. The game came out late last year and was the sequel to the critically acclaimed Red Dead Redemption. The game is produced by Rockstar Games, the game house behind the GTA series. In recent years, Rockstar has not had a good track record in terms of game releases on the PC. While their release is very optimized for the system in the end, it takes eons to arrive on the PC. Users had to wait for about 2 whole years before they could actually play GTA 5 on the PC.

Red Dead Redemption on PC?

While this is the situation at the moment, a recent rumor has been floating around on various threads on Reddit. According to the rumor, users could be seeing the game come to PC much sooner. The story starts from the Stadia announcement earlier this year. In the trailer, Google showed its partner developers and Rockstar Games was one of them. This heavily suggested that the game would be coming to Google’s cloud gaming service. While it does not elaborate on the topic, the rumor does say that the game would not see a release on Steam and may just be an exclusive on Epic Games Store and Rockstar Social Club.

Perhaps it is all still pretty much-floating news in the air, in my opinion, the news relating to Stadia is one that should be kept on the table. While precedent does dictate it to be untrue, Google Stadia’s trailer does leave room for hope on a Stadia exclusive release which would eventually be “streamed” on the PC. But again, that would not be the PC experience with any new features to come with it. Seeing as how RDR, the original one, never saw a PC release, things are definitely quite uncertain at the moment.