With the official reveal of Rainbow Six Siege’s Operation Ember Rise just a day away, another alleged leak regarding the new operators’ loadout has popped up. Although Ubisoft attempted to crash the leaks by teasing the upcoming gadgets themselves, we weren’t given any information about the actual operators or their loadout. However, a new leak claims to reveal the names and loadout of the new operators. In addition, an image of the supposed Ember Rise title screen was also leaked.


According to the leak which originated on ResetEra, Amaru is Ember Rise’s female attacking operator. She’s the one who will use the Garra Hook gadget we saw in this week’s teaser. Alongside a grappling hook that “shoots where you aim it and can go through soft surfaces”, Amaru boasts a very interesting weapon setup.

For primary weapons, the new attacker can choose between the G8A1 LMG and the Super Nova shotgun. Her secondary weapons include the SMG-11 and the ITA12S shotgun.


Meanwhile, Goyo is the male defending operator who comes equipped with the Volcàn Shield. According to the same leaker, the new defender carries three of these unique deployable shields that have “gas” attached to them.

As for his loadout, Goyo is allegedly a two-speed two-armor operator who uses either Mira’s Vector or Kaid’s TCSG12. When Ubisoft removed the ACOG scope from Smoke’s SMG-11, they claimed that in the future, they want to move away from magnified sights on either one or two-armor defenders. With this in mind, the leak doesn’t seem very authentic, as Goyo’s weapon setup includes an ACOG.

For the second season in a row, Rainbow Six Siege developers have reused pre-existing weapons for the new operators. While this decision upset many players in Operation Phantom Sight, it seems that Ubisoft is now prioritizing game balance over new content.

Note that all of this information comes from an unconfirmed leak. The full reveal of Operation Ember Rise will take place on August 18th before the Raleigh Major grand final.