Ahead of the year four season two reveal during the upcoming Pro League finals, Rainbow Six Siege’s newest operators have apparently leaked onto the test servers. Earlier today, players reported being able to login to the test servers momentarily. Ubisoft quickly shut down the servers, but not before eager fans caught screenshots of the new Phantom Sight operators and their gadgets.


First up is the two-speed two-armor female attacker Nøkk. Her gadget is the HEL Presence Reduction which wipes her image from observation tools. Furthermore, the gadget reduces her noise, probably similar to Caveira’s silent step. There are, however, a few exceptions to this, but we don’t yet know what they are.


On the defensive side, Secret Service agent Warden is a one-speed three-armor operator. His unique gadget is a pair of Glance Smart Glasses which reportedly improve his visibility in smoke. This effect only applies when the operator is standing still. The glasses can also help increase Warden’s flash resistance.


Moving on to the operators’ loadout. Here’s where things get interesting: each primary and secondary weapon available to the new operators is not a new one.

For Nøkk, the FMG-9 submachine gun and Six 12 SD shotgun are Smoke’s and Lesion’s primary weapons. Her secondary choices of the 5.7 USG and the Desert Eagle also belong to Ash and Valkyrie.

Similarly, Warden’s primary weapons are the M590A1 shotgun and the MPX submachine gun. His sidearms include Clash’s P-10C handgun and Vigil’s SMG-12 machine pistol.

While weapons are reused from time to time, Ubisoft hasn’t gone a single season (except Operation Health) without adding a new weapon. Many fans doubted the leak and claimed that the weapons are simply placeholders. However, we can confirm from the operators’ teaser videos that that is certainly not the case.

While it’s not easy to spot, Nøkk’s official reveal video shows her carry the SIX 12 shotgun and the D-50 handgun. Similarly in Warden’s official reveal video, we see the operator wield the MPX submachine gun, confirming that it is indeed a part of his loadout.

The full reveal of Operation Phantom Sight will take place at the season nine finals on May 19th. We’ll learn more about the new operators then, and know for sure whether their loadouts have been finalized or not.