Microsoft has been working to introduce dark theme support to its major services and platforms. Microsoft Edge recently got the dark mode in the New Tab Page. The company is also working to incorporate the change to the Android version of its LinkedIn app.

Now according to some teasers posted by Microsoft Office team, the Dark theme support is coming to Office apps including Outlook. The Outlook’s Head of Design for Android/iOS, Miles revealed on twitter that they have done some major changes to the application.

There’s something big landing for @Outlook and the rest of the Office apps. We’ve crafted every single part of the app on iOS/Android. I can’t wait to share more tomorrow. ✌️

— Miles (@milesfitzgerald) August 27, 2019

It seems like Microsoft was working on this change for a while. It was listed on Microsoft’s 365 roadmap page as a work in progress.

Outlook for Windows: Support for Black Office Theme with reading pane toggle

Office Black theme will turn all Outlook screens into dark mode and adds a sun/moon toggle between black and white based on your preference for reading message content.

Microsoft is working on these changes based on user feedback. Billions of Windows users rely on Outlook for their day-to-day tasks. Dark mode support for Office apps was a popular demand made by many of us. The Redmond giant has recently rolled out an improved dark theme for Outlook for Windows.

This update brings a dark background for the reading pane. The compose message screen and the reading pane is now visible in a dark background. The Sun/Moon toggle button can be used to switch between the light and dark modes. The functionality is currently available to Insiders running Office Insider Build 11929.20114.

Outlook Android App Still Has Some Major Bugs

Although Outlook users are happy with the upcoming dark theme support for Android app. However, they want Microsoft to fix some important issues as well. One of the users reported the following problems in response to the tweet.

1. Going through a long thread is painful.

2. It doesn’t sync contact pictures for personal Microsoft accounts. Or any profile pic, for that matter.

3. It still uses the outdated OneDrive icon.

4. No option to mark an email as spam or phishing.

5. The spam folder is called “Junk” on Web, but “Spam” on the app. Choose either term for consistency.

6. Most importantly: it still lacks text formatting options.

It is just a matter of time to see if Microsoft decides to focus on these issues in the upcoming releases. Comment down below if you are experiencing any other problems.