Google acquired the popular Socratic app last year. Now the search giant has launched a new AI-powered application with bundles of new features.

The newly designed app brings numerous new resources and features all powered by Google’s AI. These features have been developed specifically to target students studying in high schools and universities. Google has released the revamped app for iOS users and it will go live on Play Store later this year. The app not only helps provides a variety of study material and guidelines for students but also helps them to solve complex physics and maths problems.

Take A Photo & Get Your Answer In No Time

Interestingly, students can use the app to get answers to their verbal questions. On top of that, the AI-based app also provides answers to the questions provided in a photo grab from their smartphones. This is a revolutionary change that can resolve many problems for the education community.

For instance, students get many handouts during their academic session and they are required to provide answers to those questions. Now the students can simply grab a photo of the complex maths problem asked in the handout. Then they can use that photo to get an answer. The app will immediately respond to the query with explanations, links, YouTube videos, and more. It basically works as a search engine that has been designed to help students with their homework. Sheyans Bhansali, the engineering manager at Google explained in a blog post.

To help students working on complex problems, we’ve built and trained algorithms that look at a student’s question and automatically identify the relevant underlying concepts. From there, we can find the videos, concept explanations, and online resources to help them work through their questions. For students who want to learn even more, we break down the concepts into smaller, easy-to-understand lessons.

According to Google, the AI algorithm is capable of deeply analyzing the questions to find the hidden concepts and then suggest the most relevant resources to the users. However, there are many students who would always appreciate more help. The application makes it easier for them to understand the concept by breaking it into small chunks of lessons. These small lessons would help students to retain their attention as well.

Additionally, the developers have collaborated with the educator’s community to provide more than 1,000 guides on various topics including Geometry, Physics, Biology, Fiction, and Algebra. These guides can be used by the students to revise the key concepts in a better way to prepare for tests and interviews.

In other words, the revamped app is a major breakthrough in the education sector that leverages AI algorithms to improve the education sector.