Facebook is currently working on a new feature that will hide the Like counter from your posts. Jane Manchun Wong, a reverse engineer was the first one to report the change. The new feature was hidden under the code of the Android version of the Facebook application.

Facebook is working to hide like counts, too!https://t.co/WnUrM12aZg

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— Jane Manchun Wong (@wongmjane) September 2, 2019

Once the feature is released, you see only see the list of people who clicked the like button. However, the company plans to hide the Like count that people see on your particular posts. The number will be visible only to the post creator. In other words, the feature will work similarly to the one you can see on Instagram.

Although the social media giant confirmed the news, Facebook didn’t reveal any other details yet. It is pretty much possible that the company might start the experimentation from the countries where similar functionality is available for Instagram. Jane Manchun Wong described the functionality in her blog post.

Currently, with this unreleased feature, the like/reaction count is hidden from anyone other than the creator of the post, just like how it works on Instagram. The list of people who liked/reacted will still be accessible, but the amount will be hidden.

Wong further continued:

Interestingly, likes/reaction counts on comments are not yet hidden for now. But this could be due to the nature of this feature being in an early stage of development. As always, things will be polished eventually.

It seems like Facebook is trying to reduce the social pressure that people experience while sharing content on its social media platform. It might sound weird but there are many people around the world who really get affected by the Likes that they receive on their posts.

This issue has mainly affected the young social media users who are always worried about the Like count. Facebook came up with a strategy to reduce this pressure by removing the number of Likes so Facebook users can stop worrying about how others perceived the popularity of their content.

It is indeed a good step by Facebook to improve mental health, especially among the youth. Many research studies have proved that the use of social media might lead to anxiety and depression.

As mentioned earlier the feature is currently in the experimental stages. It remains to be seen when the company releases the change for the testers.