Since the end of last year, the rumor about a new 16-inch Macbook Pro has been floating around the internet. While the world did expect Apple to announce it in the first quarter of this year but sadly that did not happen. It wasn’t until the point that people started to believe that it won’t be happening that the news was reignited. In a recent update on MacRumors, there are chances Apple may have gone and confirmed the new upcoming machine.

According to the article by Joe Rossignol, a french blog MacGenerations may have uncovered some exciting news. As we all know, Apple has been pushing its Beta for the latest MacOS, version 10.15.1. In this beta, there are assets such as icon packs and sound packs which developers look over as they test the firmware. Upon digging deep into these assets, the blog confirms that there were icons found in both the beta’s released by Apple.

These icons were the ones found in the “About this Mac” section which displays your Macbook, according to its color and size. What they found peculiar was that these icons resembled a typical 15-inch model but there were some differences. The icon has narrower bezels which may point towards a 16-inch model (fingers crossed). Rumors do suggest that Apple would be releasing the newer model in 2020 so I guess this just makes the rumor train stronger. There is also a chance that the existing models get a design refresh as well since they are long due for one (considering the current design came out back in late 2016). Perhaps we would know for sure as the year progresses.

Picture (From MacRumors) of the possible 16-inch Macbook Pro icon