The Amazon Prime Video is by far one of the most reliable and expansive platforms, but the service’s Android app has been quite rudimentary. Amazon has now released a new update to the Amazon Prime Android App, which is available on Google Play Store. Among other feature additions, Amazon has finally added the option to set data usage parameters while using Chromecast.

The latest update to Amazon Prime Video brings up the version to 3.0.264. With the latest version update, subscribers to Amazon Prime who stream content using Chromecast can select the Google Cast data usage under Stream and Download settings. While Amazon Prime Video subscribers with unlimited data plans might not be concerned, those on metered connections will surely appreciate the ability to activate the ‘Data Saver’ mode which significantly brings down the amount of data consumed per hour of streaming content.

Amazon Prime Video v3.0.264 Includes Settings To Alter Chromecast Data Usage Options:

For reasons yet unknown, the Amazon Prime Video Android app appeared to lag significantly behind the Netflix app, at least on Android. While both the platforms are quite popular and widely used on Android, the Netflix Android App appeared to have several more options as well as an attractively priced subscription plan that limits the resolution. Now the Amazon Prime app appears to have finally gained some momentum in the updates department.

It was just last year, the Amazon Prime Android app added support for Chromecast streaming. Despite being a mobile platform, the Amazon Prime app lacked any associated settings to manage the streaming quality. The latest update, however, does come with the option to change the amount of data the Amazon Prime Android app can consume to stream content while using Chromecast. It is quite obvious that the setting will alter or reduce the resolution to bring down the amount of data consumed.

[Image Credit: XDA Developers]Until recently, users could only select on-device streaming quality or download quality. While strictly streaming on the device, users can still choose from either “Best” (1.82GB/hour), “Better” (0.77GB/hour), “Good” (0.27GB/hour), or “Data Saver” (0.14GB/hour).

In the latest version of Amazon Prime Android app, users can choose to stream videos to Chromecasts using the “Unlimited”, “Balanced” (1.80GB/hour), or “Data Saver” modes. Amazon Prime has traditionally attempted to stream content at the best video quality. Hence Amazon Prime Video tries to stream to the users’ Chromecast at the maximum possible resolution and bitrate. Needless to add, this can quickly go through a lot of data. While subscribers with unlimited data plans prefer the highest quality, those on metered connections and limited data packs, have always wanted the option to lower the streaming quality to reduce data usage.

The latest feature does come with a short description which states that changes to the data usage mode will be reflected in the currently playing video stream within a few minutes. It is not clear if this means users might have to alter the settings per video and not per session.