The legitimate AmicoSinglun.exe is a process of the driver for Alcor Micro USB Card Reader. This is a popular software utility that is used to manage and configure smart card readers, SD controllers, and USB flash disk controllers. The executable has no visible window and is simply an icon utility that will display various icons, depending on the type of Miro-USB card that you insert. However, there are cases where the AmicoSinglun.exe process is used by a malicious program as camouflage to evade security scans.

How to detect a security threat

If you’re not sure whether the executable is legit or a malware in disguise, you can follow some steps that will tell you if you’re dealing with a security threat.

Malicious executables capable of camouflaging themselves as legitimate components will look very similar to the actual thing, but their location is always from the real thing. Let’s check if that’s the case by opening Task Manager (Ctrl+ Shift + Esc). In task manager, go to the Processes tab, right-click on AmicoSinglun and choose Open File Location. If the AmicoSinglun executable is located in a different location than C:\ Program Files \ AmIcoSingLun \, there’s a high chance that you’re dealing with a virus infection.

In the event that the executable is located in the above-mentioned location, you’ve just determined that AmicoSinglun is a legitimate component of the Alcor Multimedia Card Reader software.

How to deal with a security threat

If you previously determined that you’re dealing with a virus infection, it’s time to get rid of it. There are several ways to do this, but we strongly recommend using Malwarebytes. Simply download the installer and run it to install the suite on your system. Then choose a deep scan and wait until the process is complete. You should find that the malicious AmicoSinglun executable is removed at the end of the scan.

If you are having trouble installing Malwarebytes to your system and using to scan your system, follow our in-depth article about it (here).

Should I delete the real AmicoSinglun.exe?

You can delete the AmicoSinglun.exe, but you’ll likely lose the ability to insert any micro-USB type of media. But if you follow this route, you’ll also leave a bunch of unnecessary file from the software utility behind. A better solution would be to uninstall the whole utility. To do this, open a Run window (Windows key + R), type “appwiz.cpl” and hit Enter to open Program and Features. Then, scroll down through the programs list and uninstall the AmicoSinglun software (belonging to Alcor Micro Corp.) 

In case you ever decide to redownload it to your system, you can download the Amicosinglun installer from this link (here).