Facebook, Instagram & Whatsapp Down: Users Around The Globe Affected

What is the one thing we use today more than anything? Our Phones! While they did come with the purpose to contact people far from us. Today, in a world filled with social anxiety, we have these phones to thank. No, that was not sarcasm but something that is genuinely helpful for certain people. Not everyone has the nerve or the time to make calls. The world is quite fast paced. In these times, users resort to texting while a pass time, on trains and other transits is scrolling through social media apps like Facebook and Instagram. One of the most common texting apps today is WhatsApp.

Building that image in your head, imagine what would happen if one of these apps suddenly stopped working. Well, we don’t have to. In a recent discovery, and complaints by many users, media sharing has been put on hold on all three platforms mentioned above. Now, considering how important it is to post the photos of our food before we actually eat it, it sort of kills the purpose of these apps. There is only so much you can do just by texting. This virtual experience that is created by sharing photos and videos has made mobile phones so important today.

Anyway, getting back to the topic at hand. According to the reports at hand, users are unable to view photos and other media items that are shared. If you have sent someone a piece of media file and it is not loading then that means that your area has been affected as well. According to complaints and the website, Down Detector, users throughout the globe are experiencing this issue. Jane Manchun, a tech blogger just tweeted this:

Facebook image CDN is down, affecting Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp

“x-fb-response-reason: No server is available for the request” pic.twitter.com/2WtNiJd6jS

— Jane Manchun Wong (@wongmjane) July 3, 2019

According to her and the tweet that can be seen above, the Facebook CDN is down. CDN refers to Content Delivery Network. What this means is that the network through which images are shared while being temporarily on the cloud is not functioning. Perhaps it is possible that all of these apps share the same CDN which has led to a down time in all of them. Some users have even complained that on WhatsApp they start seeing the “connecting..” error on top. This means the servers are almost probably affected.

Currently, there has been no news by the teams in charge of these services. Till then the world is pretty much impaired. Users should not panic though. This article is to inform that there is nothing wrong with an individual internet connection or device. Users just need to stay calm and wait patiently as the developers on both ends are probably hard at work in fixing the situation.

Stay tuned for updates to come!