What Should You Do Before Selling Your Iphone?

Apple lovers are always looking forward to the launch of new products by the company. People who are fond of using iPhone keenly switch to an upgraded model as soon as it is released. Although most of the people think that their old gadgets lose their worth as soon as they plan on selling them but because of the great resale value of the old iPhones, you have a very good chance of getting a good amount of money by selling an old iPhone. However, there are certain things that you must do before giving your iPhone to someone that we are going to discuss in this article.

iPhoneWhat to do Before you Sell your iPhone?

Following are the most crucial things that you must do before selling an iPhone:

  1. Unpair your iPhone from all Apple Devices- If you have ever paired your iPhone with any other Apple products, then you must unpair those devices from the iPhone that you wish to sell. Why do you need to do so? Because you do not want the new buyer to have access to your other Apple products anyhow.Unpairing iPhone from Apple Watch
  2. Backup your Data- Backing up your data is the most important thing that you should consider whenever you plan to replace any of your devices. For iPhone users, Apple presents them with two different backup options i.e. Back up to iCloud and Back up to iTunes. The former option is quite self-explanatory because all of your data is backed up to cloud storage in this case whereas the second option lets you save your data to your computer system or your laptop so that you have another device to restore your data from. You can consider any of these options for backing up your data or you can even choose to do both. Why do you need to do so? Because you do not wish to face any data loss while selling your iPhone.Backing up your iPhone’s Data
  3. Export your Contacts- Although, while backing up your data, you already secure your contacts, however, if you want to take your data accessibility to the next level, then Apple even provides you with the facility to export the contacts stored on your iPhone as vcards. Why do you need to do so? Exporting your contacts as vcards will help you in restoring them easily if you wish to switch to a non-Apple phone.Exporting your iPhone Contacts as VCards
  4. Remove your Photos- Many people often wonder if they only factory reset their phone, then it must be sufficient for wiping out all the important data. However, some traces of your private data might still be left behind and since your photos are the most critical asset that you have on your phone, therefore, it is highly recommended that you remove each photo separately after backing it up. Why do you need to do so? Because you do not want anyone stealing your personal photos by any chance and then take advantage of them later on.Removing the Photos from your iPhone
  5. Delete your Apps- Again, you cannot simply rely on factory reset for cleaning out all of your applications because there is a lot of cached data too that is associated with every single application so you must delete them all individually before performing the final factory reset. Why do you need to do so? Because you do not want anyone else to trace back your activities by having a look at your cached data.Deleting your iPhone’s Applications
  6. Turn off Find my iPhone- Find my iPhone is a feature that helps you in tracking the location of your device. Whenever you turn on this feature, a protective lock known as the Activation Lock is enabled on your iPhone which prevents any other user from accessing your phone unless he or she has the Original Apple ID associated with that iPhone. If you ever plan on selling your iPhone, then you must turn off this feature. Why do you need to do so? Because having this feature enabled will never let the new buyer use your phone which would be very disgusting because after all, he is the new owner now so he must be able to access that iPhone.Turning off Find my iPhone
  7. Sign out of iCloud, iTunes, App Store, iMessage, and Facetime- Before selling your iPhone, you must also sign out of all the services that you have been using such as iCloud, iTunes, iMessage, etc. Why do you need to do so? Because these services keep all of your Apple devices synchronized, therefore, if you wish to sell your iPhone at any time, then you must detach it from these accounts so that any changes made on this iPhone in future will not have any effect on rest of your Apple devices that you still own.Signing out of iCloud
  8. Disable all the Passwords- Although the factory reset process deletes all the passwords stored on your iPhone however, at times, the Screen Lock is still left behind so you must also disable it separately. Why do you need to do so? Because having the Screen Time Passcode enabled, the new user will again not be able to access and use the iPhone unless he knows that passcode.Disabling all the Passwords
  9. Clear Safari Web Data and Search History- Some people are very cautious about whatever they search on a web browser and even if they are not, they still do not want anybody else to know what they were surfing. Therefore, it is always advisable to clear your Safari Web Data and Search History before selling your iPhone. Why do you need to do so? This will prevent the new user from spying on you by having a look at your activities through your search history.Clearing Safari Web Data and Search History
  10. Factory Reset your iPhone- After making sure that you have manually deleted all the critical data after backing it up, of course, there comes the turn of the final factory reset. This is done to ensure that you have removed all the traces of your personal data before handing over your iPhone to someone else. Why do you need to do so? Doing the final factory reset will erase all the things like Wi-Fi passwords stored on your device, your iPhone’s name, etc. and will also restore all applications to their default settings so that your iPhone is just ready to be used by someone else and then he can customize it according to his own needs.Factory Resetting your iPhone
  11. Deregister iMessage- You will also need to deregister iMessage before selling your iPhone by sending an email to Apple if you wish to use a non-Apple phone in the future. Why do you need to do so? Because if you will not do it, then you will not be able to receive messages on your new phone.Deregistering iMessage

Note: Step 11. is only for the users who are switching from an iPhone to a non-Apple phone.