Tencent, the infamous China-based investment corporation known for its hold over the gaming industry, is looking to expand. After acquiring marginals stakes in Epic Games and Activision Blizzard, Tencent is now looking to extend its partnership with Nintendo Japan. The main objective of this move is to tap into the U.S and Europe console market, something the company is yet to touch.

According to Wall Street Journal, an anonymous Tencent official confirmed that the company is planning to set foot in U.S and Europe with the help of Nintendo’s latest console.

“What we want is to expand from China, and one target is console game players in the U.S. and Europe,” a Tencent official says. “We hope to create console games with Nintendo characters, and learn the essence of making console games from Nintendo engineers.”

Tencent’s rise to power began with the help of PUBG, a battle royale title that launched on PC and Mobile. The company now promises that, as part of their partnership with Nintendo, it will promote the sales of Nintendo Switch in China. However, since the Chinese gaming market is primarily occupied by Tencent, both companies don’t expect the Switch to sell all that well in the country.

“Nintendo games are not constructed to make people pay a lot of money,” said another Tencent official.

“Women are becoming a driving force behind the growth of the gaming market,” adds analyst Daniel Ahmad. “Chinese developers are not only shifting to create games aimed at female players, they are also tailoring existing games to better appeal to them.”

This news is backed up by reports of Nintendo asking external developers to create games with a focus on young women, including “romance games, a genre with passionate fans including in China”.

It will be interesting to see how this partnership pans out in the long run. Keeping in mind how the recent Blizzard-Hong Kong controversy further tarnished Tencent’s reputation, expect some harsh reactions from the gaming community regarding this move.

Thanks, Eurogamer.