Powerful High-End Amd Radeon Flagship Navi Gpu Coming Soon, Indicates New Mystery Rra Certification

A final version of a powerful, high-end, and possibly flagship AMD Radeon Graphics Card or GPU is under process, claims a new report. The GPU being readied has already gone through an important regional certification that’s mandatory for every electronic device. The source claiming the discovery appears to have carefully reverse-engineered a rather cryptic AMD codename and deciphered the type, architecture and possible specifications of the mystery premium AMD top-end GPU that hasn’t even been announced or confirmed yet.

The as-yet unconfirmed report appears to rationalize the existence of an AMD GPU that could take on the most powerful NVIDIA Graphics Card line up. Needless to add, if the report is accurate and the mystery AMD GPU actually exists, then the company is clearly attempting to take on its direct rival. Interestingly, AMD’s rival in the CPU business, Intel Inc. recently confirmed it was in advanced stages of developing a commercial-grade and mass-production ready GPU.

Mystery AMD Navi GPU Passes RRA Certification:

An AMD device codenamed “ATI-102-D18802” recently passed RRA certification. The person investigating the certification claims to have enough experience to decode the seemingly random string of digits, and decipher the type, nature and possibly, the specifications of the mystery AMD product. Based on the nomenclature, the mystery product is reportedly a GPU, which is a much powerful variant of the Navi GPU.

RRA Certification

The ATI-102-D18802 bagged the RRA certification, “which is usually the first step in the final phase of getting a product to market”. In terms of production and availability to the general public, the product could take anywhere between 3 months to 6 months. But what’s important to note is that RRA certification is mandatory for all consumer ASICs in South Korea. Interestingly, the AMD ATI-102-D18802 GPU receiving its RRA certification directly means AMD has not only finalized its plans for the upcoming GPU but the company has submitted it to the authorities as well. This further indicates that the design and specifications of the mystery AMD GPU is finalized, and the company will not be making any more changes.

Mystery AMD GPU ATI-102-D18802 Specifications and Features:

According to the codename’s string of letters and numbers, the first couple of digits represent the generation while the succeeding digits represent the relative performance metrics. The D18 signifies the mystery AMD device is indeed a Navi GPU. The numbers that follow represent the relative performance of the GPU. Needless to mention, the 802 represents a much more powerful variant of Navi that typically comes in at 205.

Essentially, the mystery AMD GPU securing the RRA Certification could be a powerful RDNA2-based full Navi die. This top-end AMD Navi GPU could easily support the Ray Tracing feature, and that too at the hardware level. Given the secrecy and obscurity, however, it appears that AMD might not launch the new mystery device as a standalone Graphics Card for the premium gaming or professional multimedia editing market.


The specifications and features of the mystery AMD GPU ATI-102-D18802 hint at the possibility of the component being used inside high-end dedicated gaming consoles that demand the highest-possible graphics processing capabilities. We had previously reported about Sony’s upcoming PlayStation 5 integrating a GPU that’s as powerful as NVIDIA’s top-end GeForce RTX 2080 and certainly way ahead of AMD Navi 5700 GPU. The company may not have offered detailed specifications and features of PS5 yet, but the console’s CPU will be based on the third generation of AMD’s Ryzen Line. It contains eight cores of the company’s new 7nm Zen 2 microarchitecture.

The GPU inside the PS5 will support Ray Tracing. The GPU is expected to be a custom or gaming-optimized variant of the popular Radeon Navi family. The Ray Tracing feature is one of the most eagerly anticipated. Given the string of reports, it is quite likely that the AMD GPU ATI-102-D18802 could be destined for the upcoming Sony PlayStation 5.