Microsoft Xbox One Latest Feature System Update Includes Google Assistant Support, Text Filters And More

Microsoft released its latest monthly update for its Xbox One consoles. The November 2019 Xbox One System Update Version 1911 includes several new features in addition to system improvements. The most interesting addition to Xbox One, however, is the ability to use Google Virtual Assistant. Activating Google Assistant on Xbox One isn’t straightforward, but the advantages of using an Android-backed Google-powered assistant that accepts and executes voice commands are immense.

The Google Assistant for Xbox One will be available to all users in countries where the Assistant is available. Microsoft had launched a public beta of the Xbox Action for the Google Assistant back in September. The company has been openly embracing products from other companies, including Xbox Skill for Alexa which already allows Xbox One owners to control their gaming console with voice commands.

New Xbox One System Update: OS version – 10.0.18363.8118 (19h1_release_xbox_dev_1911.191111-1430)

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How To Add Google Virtual Assistant To Microsoft Xbox One Gaming Console:

The console owners will need to have an Assistant device that can be paired with their Xbox One. To get started with the Xbox Action for Google Assistant, users will need to join the official Google Group, download the Google Home app for iOS and Android, and then add the Xbox Action within the app. Once signed in with a Microsoft account, gamers will be able to use the Google Assistant to turn their console on or off, launch games and apps, and do much more. Simply put, with Assistant, gamers can do all of the things that they can already do with the Amazon Alexa skill on Xbox One.

What this means is that Microsoft is not integrating Google Assistant directly into the Xbox One console. However, setting up the console isn’t complicated. Interested users have to open their Google Home app, tap Add, choose Set up device -> “Have something already set up?”, and then look for their Xbox One console. Once found, gamers will then be able to follow instructions to pair their Assistant device with your console.

November 2019 Xbox One System Update Version 1911 Additional Features And Improvements:

The November 2019 Xbox One Update Version 1911 for the Microsoft’s high-end gaming console comes with a variety of features and improvements. In addition to the Google Assistant, Xbox One users will also find improved Gamertags in the update. Microsoft has also added support for 13 new alphabets, so anyone making a new Gamertag will be able to use them. Incidentally, the company has assured that there will be no change to the way that a Gamertag is displayed if the user doesn’t choose to change it. Owing to the new Gamertags and new characters, Microsoft has added a new way to search for people, The ‘People Search’ option allows users to look for people based on partial and non-exact keywords.

Microsoft has also improved Voice-to-Text Dictation with Kinect or a headset with support for multiple languages. Now users can converse and dictate in English (US & Canada), English (India), English (UK), Spanish (Mexico), Spanish (Spain), French (Canada), French, German, Italian, Norwegian, Portuguese, Japanese, and Simplified Chinese.

Xbox One’s New Update Introduces Fan Feedback-Driven Features

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Another notable feature addition to Xbox One through the latest system update is the new Text filters. The feature is intended to shield gamers from toxic gamers who tend to harass through Xbox Live. Gamers can choose from four different settings (Friendly, Medium, Mature and Unfiltered) for different types of content. They can further configure these different safety levels by going to Settings -> General -> Online safety & family -> Privacy & online safety -> Message safety.

The most notable visual change is to the Settings app, which appears to be highly simplified. It now features six neatly laid out sub-sections. The Xbox One’s language, time zone, power settings, and more right can be accessed right from the Xbox app for iOS and Android, and surprisingly, this will work even when the console is installing updates.