Microsoft Announces The Surface Event: A New Dual Screen Device On The Horizon

The Surface series of laptops from Microsoft are due for a 2019 hardware update. The 2-in-1 laptop system is considered to be the best devices for students since these devices offer features such as the ability to take notes on the go. Microsoft has announced a Surface event to be held the same day the previous surface device was launched, i.e., 2nd October.

The event could potentially serve as a platform to announce the new dual-screen device apart from the Surface device that Microsoft has been working for years. It is rumored that the alleged device is at its final stage of production and earlier next year could be the best time to release the device. The reason behind it can be the rumored foldable iPad. Microsoft would not like to reveal their device alongside the iPad.

Surface Event

Last year Microsft revealed the Surface Pro 6 with the multithreaded Quad-core U processors from Intel. It is reported that Microsoft was not happy with the performance offered by these chips. Now that Intel has announced the 10th gen processors, Microsoft will likely put in these processors. These processors will boost up the performance thanks to the improved multithreaded Hexa core configuration.

On the other hand, Microsoft can potentially shift towards the ARM-based processors or AMD’s 3rd gen Ryzen CPUs. At this rate, Microsoft could opt for the Ryzen 3750H or Qualcomm’s 8cx SOC that they have designed for ultrabooks. AMD’s offering is the one that comes closest to the performance offered by the 10th gen Intel. However, Intel’s offering is far superior due to their significant lead in mobile computing. On the other hand, for those who are looking for mild usage but a better battery life Qualcomm 8cx would be the better version. They can opt for all these options if they want to put all their resources in the next surface device. But according to Wccftech the possibility of that is very minimal as Windows ARM isn’t very usable yet.

The more exciting device that Microsoft may launch is the dual-screen device codenamed ‘Centaurus.’ They may just reveal the device with the launch date of early 2020. Whatever this device would be, it will be marketed against the foldable iPad that is rumored to launch in a few weeks. It can be inferred that Microsft is employing the “waiting for the rival to move” technique.