Windows 10 Latest September Update Is Breaking Printing, Uninstalling The Faulty Update Restores Print Spooler And Printer Connection

The Windows 10 1903 stable version has been plagued with several bugs and weird issues. Although Microsoft recently attempted to fix several bugs, a few users continue to experience some strange and unexplained behavioral patterns in unlikely functionalities. We recently reported how the latest Cumulative Update sent to Windows 10 1903 was breaking Cortana Searches, and in some cases, even turning off Windows Defender, leaving Windows 10 machines vulnerable to external or remote threats.

It appears those who reported the Windows 10 update KB4517211, failing to install, are actually better off. Quite a few users have had their connection with printer either stalling or crashing after successfully installing the latest update to Windows 10 that was sent on September 26.

Windows 10 1903 Goes Through Several Bug Fixes After KB4515384 But KB4517211 Is Causing New Issues:

The KB4515384 which Microsoft released on September 10, was by far one of the most important to Windows 10 1903. The update fixed several weird issues and problems that many Windows machines had developed. In fact, Microsoft actively and rather quickly squashed bugs like the failing network adapters, breaking Windows Search, Start Menu behavior, and the infamous high CPU usage bug in the last few weeks.

Windows 10 update fixes Bluetooth, but breaks Printer for some users

— Windows Latest (@WindowsLatest) September 30, 2019

The KB4515384 arrived with several improvements, including a fix for the Bluetooth connectivity and audio quality issues. However, the subsequent Cumulative Update which Microsoft send on September 26, is an entirely different issue. The arrival of the update was itself flawed as it failed to install on several Windows 10 machines running the latest and stable release, which is 1903. Incidentally, the second September non-security patch KB4517211 does indeed address an important audio issue that many Windows 10 1903 users faced after the earlier update, which was the September 2019 Patch Tuesday Cumulative Update was installed. But the latest update has given way to a few issues, which aren’t as widespread but are concerning nonetheless.

Windows 10 1903 KB4517211 Update Breaks or Crashes Print Spooler, Uninstalling It Restores Printing Functionality:

Several posts on the Microsoft community forum and Feedback Hub, suggest that problems with printers appeared after applying Windows 10’s September 26 update. Interestingly, a few Windows 10 users reported similar issues on the Google support forum. One of the complaints that received overwhelming support described the issues as following:

“After installing KB4517211 the print spooler kept crashing. Uninstalling the update and rebooting resolved the issue. Reinstalled to test and print spooler crashes resumed. In addition, the Start button would not work and reported a critical error. Uninstalling the update again fixed the problem. This is on Win 10 1903 RTM”.

After an update, windows 10 can take over management of printers, disabling defaults until you turn it off. What problems are you having?

— john bartlett (@johnbartlett333) September 30, 2019

It is equally concerning to note that the standard ‘sfc /scannow’ trick that usually investigates and addresses such common problems, does not detect any problem, and hence offers no resolution. This leaves users clueless about what is causing them trouble with printing. Moreover, many have reported a few different error codes while attempting to print.

Incidentally, given the number of posts and upvotes, the problems with printing after installing the KB4517211 update aren’t as widespread as other issues that appeared after earlier updates. Hence, users who face the ‘Print Spooler’ failure or crash issue, could uninstall the KB4517211 update to check if their problems are solved and whether printer function resumes. Interestingly, a few users claim to have verified the solution works, and reinstalling the update causes the reoccurrence of the problem.

Adding and configuring printers in Windows 10 has never been easier. Here’s your complete guide. #Windows10 #printers

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We recently reported about Microsoft contemplating bringing back the ‘Optional Updates’ listing within Windows Update. This segment would list driver updates, and may even include some other miscellaneous updates that Microsoft doesn’t tag as Critical. Windows 10 OS may also get a feature that would automatically rollback troublesome updates. Looking at the number of issues, with each new update to Windows 10 OS, these features could arrive soon.