Shortly after its launch last month, Call of Duty Modern Warfare began struggling to balance some of its weapons. Most notably, the 725 shotgun, a weapon known for its incredible range, was first nerfed in last week’s update. Although the tweak certainly made it less effective at longer ranges, it clearly wasn’t enough. Alongside some changes to footsteps and several bug fixes, today’s update delivers yet another nerf to the infamous 725 shotgun.

Balance Changes

In addition to a nerf for the 725, today’s update altered the stats of several weapons.

  • ARs: Minor hip spread adjustment
  • 725: Reduce range
  • M4: increase hip spread, decrease damage to the head
  • FAL: Reduced recoil, increased ADS speed
  • EB-14: Increase ADS speed

The Infinity Ward team is definitely aware of the situation regarding the shotgun. Co-Design Director Joe Cecot notes that this update should “massage out the rare very long shot”, and that the team is “being careful to retain the soul of the 725.” After the recent changes, expect the shotgun to be less effective at longer ranges. Other weapons such as the FAL and EB-14 were buffed, whilst the M4 received a nerf.


The other issue tackled by today’s update adjusts footsteps. As explained by Cecot, Call of Duty Modern Warfare has different audio cues for crouch, walk, jog and sprint. Previously, changes in walking speed while crouched would result in inconsistent footstep sounds. To promote consistency, sounds emitted by crouched player should be easier to distinguish from walk sounds.

The remainder of the patch focuses on improving game stability and reducing crashes. Additionally, a handful of bugs related to the riot shield were patched, and the map Piccadilly had its spawns tuned.

While Call of Duty Modern Warfare still has a lot of issues, regular updates and patches should improve the player experience over time. Last week’s update added two new maps and a new game mode, and recent leaks hint at a “crossbow” coming to the game.