Since quite a long while now, Samsung has been officially, and unofficially, the display king. From their new technology in the LEDs for homes to those amazing bezeless displays on the latest Samsung Mobile device. The Korean tech giant has maintained a duopoly in the display market, along with LG.

Samsung Revolutionised the industry with its Quantum Dot Technology.

In recent news though, SamMobile reports, Samsung is apparently up to something new. According to the report, the Korean company plans on shutting down its LCD production plants. While this is a move that would raise many questions, it should be noted that this can be a part of better things to come.

Samsung’s Big Plan

We are all aware that Samsung makes excellent panels. From Quantum Dot displays for the home devices to accurate OLED panels for the mobile devices in the market. According to reports, Samsung’s next step would be to form a hybrid display consisting of technologies both from Quantum Dot displays and OLED ones. This would be to boost sales in these departments, moving the world from the primitive LCD technology which simply doesn’t perform as well as the former two.

The article further explains that the CEO has expressed the company’s intent to go for the development of this technology but did not explain anything ahead of that. Adding on to that, the technology is most likely to be aimed at televisions. This is because Quantum Dot technology has not been perfected to a miniature scale for a mobile device to efficiently utilise it. Apart from that, the technology is still pretty young and in its developmental phase.