Skype for Desktop has got many new features lately. We reported earlier that Skype’s system tray icon now changes its color to match your status.

Billions of people rely on Skype for their personal and professional communication on a daily basis. Most of the times our Skype account is bombarded with information by our colleagues, friends, and family. There are times when you would want to save an important message so that you can refer to it at some point in future.

It is a hectic task to search for a particular message from your chat history. Although Skype’s find tool allows you to explore your chat history with the help of a specific keyword. However, this situation can be annoying if you don’t remember the context.

Luckily, Microsoft has made it easier for users to find important information with a single click. Skype Insider build v8.51.76.61 has recently introduced bookmark message feature for both mobile and desktop users. It means that you can now bookmark any message in your chat history.

How to bookmark a Skype Message?

Those who are interested to use the Skype bookmark feature need to install the Skype Insider build v8.51.76.61 on their systems. Go to the message, right-click or press the message for some time and select Add bookmark.  The message is now added to your bookmarks window. You can then copy or forward the saved message from the bookmarks section as per your requirement.

Skype Bookmark Message


Initially, users experienced some problems while deleting the bookmarked message. However, Microsoft was quick to respond to the bug and the functionality now works as expected. No doubt, bookmark feature is a handy tool for many Skype users. However, consider a situation when your list of bookmarks continues to grow. You would have to scroll down hundreds of messages to find something.

Microsoft needs to address this issue by adding search capability in the bookmarks section itself. Alternatively, users can be allowed to save their bookmarks in different folders to get rid of the scrolling overhead.