Google has and, in my opinion, will always have an upper hand when it comes to search tools. While competitors like Bing tried to squeeze into the market, they could only do little as the search engine didn’t budge at all. With the services Google provides, it also brings about fun in those. Take the Avengers Endgame for example. The highest earning movie was honoured by Google in a nifty way. If users were to search for the movie on Google, it would show a Gauntlet (Of Thanos). If users were to click it, that would make the results disappear like in the previous movie. Now, while this didn’t add to anything, just the thought shows how much the company has grown.

The Google search engine can do many things, from basic calculations to even flipping a coin. And now, it can even be you D&D partner (Shout out to all those dungeons and dragons fans). In the latest piece on 9to5Google, it is reported that Google has improved and added to its existing rolling dice tool.

About the Feature

According to the report, while users could only roll a six sided die before, can now choose multiple dice with sides ranging from 4 to 20. This means the applications for this utility, in terms of board games at least, are endless. The best part is, there doesn’t need to be a separate app to be installed for it. It is readily available as a card or on the web service. Along with the new roll a dice utility, Google has also added more cards such as colour picker, Pac-Man, fun-facts etc.

What the latest Google Search Roll Dice utility looks like.