Chromium Edge Now Allows You To Block Third-Party Cookies, Sync Open Tabs

Microsoft is continuously adding new features to its new Microsoft Edge browser. We have spotted a number of interesting features during the past few months.

Now Microsoft has rolled out some privacy improvements and other changes for Chromium Edge Canary version 79.0.304.0. Some major highlights of the recent change are redesigned profile settings, profile sync option, colored tab groups and more. The complete list of changes is mentioned below:

Open Tabs Sync Option

The sync capability of Microsoft Edge was previously limited to Settings, Favorites, Passwords and Addresses. Microsoft has now updated the Settings menu of the browser with a new Sync option. You can now sync your open tabs on other devices that are linked with your Microsoft Account. This functionality can be enabled or disabled with the help of a toggle button.

Edge Open Tabs SyncRedesigned Profile Settings

Apparently, Microsoft has finally removed the username from the Profile Settings. It simply displays Profile 1 above the email address. However, it remains to be seen if its a bug or a new change in the recent version. The developer version of Microsoft Edge still retains the username even after synchronization is disabled or enabled.

Edge Profile SettingsColored Tab Groups

Chromium Edge users liked the Tab Groups functionality that was initially introduced a few months ago. The feature was then removed in July. Microsoft has now restored the Tab groups flag in this build. Interestingly, you can now provide a custom name and color for individual Tab Groups. The change will help you to differentiate between Tab Groups.

Edge Tab GroupsBlock Third-party cookies

Microsoft updated the NTP in InPrivate mode with a toggle button. This handy feature allows you to block or unblock third-party cookies. Once the Block third-party cookies option is enabled, your address bar will display a shield icon.

Edge Block Third Party CookiesExtension Permissions

There are many extensions that try to get unauthorized access to various sections of your browsers. Microsoft has finally taken notice of this problem and added a new privacy option. The option if enabled allows you to restrict extensions from making any changes to the Home, New Tab, and Search pages. You need to disable the toggle button to restrict permissions.

Edge Extension Permissions

It is worth mentioning that the aforementioned features are available to a limited set of users. These experimental features are released via controlled rollouts lately. However, there is no guarantee that all of these features will see the light of the day.