5 Best Google Assistant Commands

Google Assistant is a very powerful Google’s developed voice assistant for controlling your smart home appliances. The best thing about this voice assistant is that, unlike other voice assistants, it is able to indulge itself in two-way communication with you. Moreover, you can communicate with Google Assistant either through your voice or even with text.

Google AssistantWhat is Google Assistant Command?

Google Assistant Commands are the simple short phrases that you have to utter or convey to your Google Assistant through text in order to get your work done. These commands are very easy to learn and once you manage to do it, you can control nearly every smart home appliance with your Google Assistant. The Google Assistant Commands are also known as those trigger phrases with the help of which you can easily interact with your Google Home Smart Speakers.

Google Assistant Commands

These commands are grouped into various categories depending upon their usage and you can use these commands followed by a simple wake word that is either “OK Google” or “Hey Google”. All of these commands are extremely useful. However, today we will talk about the 5 Best Google Assistant Commands that you must learn in order to handover your tedious routine tasks to your smart home devices. So, let us find out together how these commands can prove to be beneficial for us.

1. Communication and Social Commands

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Communication and Social Commands deal with all kinds of public interactions. With the help of the commands under this category, you can easily communicate with your acquaintances and that too without going through any hassle. These commands allow you to Make Calls, Manage SMS and Emails, Chat with Bots, Keep a Check on Social Media, Find Local Events, Meet New People, Share your Location, etc. All you have to do is to speak your command or convey it through text to your Google Home Smart Speakers. For example, in order to send an Email to a contact named Alexandar, you will have to say, “OK Google, Send an Email to Alexandar”.

Communication and Social Commands2. Kids and Family Commands

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Kids and Family Commands obviously deal with your personal relationships. These commands help you in staying connected with your loved ones. The commands under this category allow you to Listen to Stories, Play Games, Take Quizzes, Learn Different Skills, etc. In order to use any of the commands under the Kids and Family category, you have to convey it to your smart speakers followed by a wake word. For example, if you want to listen to a story before going to bed, then you will have have to say, “Hey Google, Tell me a bedtime story”.

Kids and Family Commands3. Smart Home Commands

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Smart Home Commands category is indeed the most useful and interesting category of Google Assistant Commands. It deals with all those commands that are required for controlling your Smart Home efficiently. These commands allow you to Control Lighting, Appliances, Fixtures, Home Security, Thermostats, Entertainment Systems, etc. You can easily use any of these commands just with a simple wake word. For example, if you want to see the footage of your front door camera in your living room, then you will need to say, “OK Google, Show the Front Door Camera on the Living Room TV”.

Smart Home Commands4. Education and Reference Commands

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Education and Reference Commands are literally those set of commands that make you look extremely intelligent and always keep you informed about everything. These commands let you Get Information about History, Information Technology, Famous People, Animals and Plants, Religion and Philosophy, Business and Finance, etc. Moreover, they also allow you to Read Books and Poetry, Find Schools, Develop Vocabulary, Convert Units, etc. In order to use any of these commands, you have to follow the same structure as given in the following example. For checking how many dollars are there in a euro, you should say, “Hey Google, How many dollars are there in a euro?”.

Education and Reference Commands5. Health and Fitness Commands

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Health and Fitness Commands deal with your physical wellbeing. They help you in maintaining good health and managing your routine so as to comply with the best health practices. The commands under this category enable you to Get Detailed Information about Health and Medicines, Get Exercise Guides and Diet Plans, Diagnose DiseasesTrack you Nutrition and Weight, Find Gyms and Fitness Classes, Make Appointments with Doctors, etc. An example of these commands is as follows: If you want to find out the calories in your coffee, then you will need to say, “OK Google, How many Calories in Coffee?”.

Health and Fitness Commands