Over the past few months, Rainbow Six Siege’s escalating DDoS problem has spiraled out of control. Players from all platforms have reported several of their matches being taken offline by DDoS attackers. After a massive influx of user complaints, Ubisoft is finally taking action the perpetrators.

What is a DDoS?

“DDoSing” refers to the act of attacking a server from multiple devices in order to force all players to disconnect. In Rainbow Six Siege, the match ends and the matchmaking rating of everyone is left unaffected. As the game rises in popularity, websites selling DDoS services are flourishing.

As detailed in a recent blog, Ubisoft is taking several steps to reduce the impact of DDoS attackers. In addition to technical counters, the developer has promised to take legal action against websites who provide these illegal services.

“We have discussed the current situation with our legal team, and assessed our options,” writes Ubisoft. “We will be issuing cease and desists to websites and people hosting these services.”

With the increase in DDos attacks, more and more innocent players are suffering from wrongly issued abandon penalties. As a temporary countermeasure, Ubisoft is planning on temporarily disabling this feature by the end of the week. Moreover, the developers will cut down the number of matches hosted per server. This will reduce the impact of DDoS attacks on a singular server.

While Ubisoft puts these measures into action, they also plan on banning the “worst offenders”. The ban wave, which is scheduled for next week, will hit both console and PC players.

As Rainbow Six Siege uses Azure servers, Ubisoft is working closely with Microsoft to tackle the game’s DDoS pandemic. Some of the changes listed above will be introduced as early as end of this week, whilst others will be launched by the end of October. Expect to see a reduction in the number of DDoS attacks in the coming weeks.