Twitter Is Supposedly Testing “Translate Bio Feature”: Tweet Suggests

With the progression of globalisation that we see today, it is hard to imagine a world where information wasn’t instantly transmitted. Today, we see a bunch of new leaks and news bits from around the globe. Some use blogs while others may tweet as it goes on. In this new age, we tend to communicate as well. So, if you’re on Twitter, you may just see a tweet you like about some leak in China.

This is where the issue comes in. A lot of people in places like China: Nationalists, do not speak English. Thus, they communicate through all platforms in their native tongue. This causes issues where users have to actually copy the text and translate it, which may be a hassle. While desktop users may not see this as much of an issue, Twitter for Mobile poses the greater bit of annoyance.  Don’t even get me started on the bios. Users tend to search for people they’d like to follow and these search results depend upon the information on the bio. Of course, those users who have it in another language, won’t even show up. Which is a total bummer.

To counter this, Twitter is now testing a feature which is not really innovative but brings about much utility. A familiar feature has been available on Facebook for people’s statuses. The translate feature uses its algorithm to translate the foreign text into English. According to a Tweet by Twitter user, Jane Manchun Wong, Twitter is testing Translate for users’ bios. What this would do is allow users to actually read them in English. Of course, this would not be a very accurate translation but would definitely give an idea of what is written. Currently, the language support is unknown but we would know for sure when the feature rolls out.

Twitter is testing to offer translation of profile bios

— Jane Manchun Wong (@wongmjane) October 3, 2019