Microsoft Outlook For Web And Windows 10 To Get Multiple Google Services Incl. Gmail Inbox, G-Drive, Calendar

Microsoft Outlook, the company’s native email platform, as well as Windows 10 OS, should soon have intrinsic support for multiple Google services. Outlook for Web, the cloud-based email platform from Microsoft is currently being tested for the integration of the multiple Google products, including Gmail Inbox, Google Drive, and even Google Calendar. Interestingly, a few users were able to try the new changes, but the availability is quite limited, and several users of the same have claimed a few bugs and shortcomings, which Microsoft is expected to address soon.

Microsoft is rapidly altering its approach towards competing services from its direct rivals in the tech world. In fact, the company appears to have fundamentally altered its methodology when developing software services and adding features. Microsoft recently took the decision to add the DNS Over HTTPS encryption protocol to Windows 10. This week, several users of Outlook for Web and even Windows 10 OS came across Microsoft’s attempts at integrating several of the popular Google Services within its own competing products and platforms.

Microsoft To Integrate Popular And Mainstream Google Products And Platforms Within Outlook And Windows 10:

Microsoft seems to be testing a new integration in which will bring Google services to users. Interestingly, integration appears to be seamless. In other words, Microsoft could be assimilating or accepting Google Services within its own competing products. At present, the integration is very much experimental, and there are some glaring limitations and odd behavior, but this is highly expected. Once the integration is complete, Microsoft Outlook for Web users could experience Google Products and Services without leaving the cloud-based email platform from Microsoft. At a later date, even Windows 10 OS users could experience the same.

A few users who chanced upon the integration process, claim Outlook for Web users can natively access several Google Services. Users claimed they could not only add a Gmail email Inbox to Outlook for Web, but they could also attach files into email messages directly from their Google Drive cloud storage. If that’s not enough, users could also access Google Calendar from within

You can now add your gmail account on !

— Florian B (@flobo09) November 20, 2019

As expected, the feature integration is still in its infancy stage, and there are multiple limitations and user experience issues to address. For instance, switching between Outlook and Gmail accounts refreshes the entire page. It is not clear if it is a bug or not, but Microsoft appears to be limiting each user to a single Google account. As the majority of users of Google products prefer a centralized account, it could be a safety feature.

According to users who eagerly tested the integration of Google Services within Microsoft Outlook, the experience was quite pleasant and devoid of complicated steps. The integration reportedly feels like any other Outlook apps, which allows additional functionality and access. Interestingly, the Mail and Calendar apps on Windows 10 can also integrate e-mail and calendar from Google. However, users cannot yet attach files from Google Drive. Needless to add, once Microsoft irons out the bugs and possibly lift the restrictions, Outlook and Windows 10 users could use Google products and services natively within the platforms.

Microsoft has certainly come a long way from Hotmail. However, the popularity of Google’s products that directly compete with Microsoft’s products, could be having a detrimental impact. Incidentally, the company’s outlook towards competing products has been changing fundamentally, as was evident from its adoption or acceptance of Linux. Hence the integration of Google Services within its own products appears to be an extension of the philosophy.