Nvidia owns majority of the gaming graphics card market right now, as AMD isn’t really competing. After their launch event for the RTX family of cards, a lot of people were hyped. Because not only a big performance boost was expected, but also RTX tech was being used for the first time in real time.

But Ray Tracing is relatively new technology, so most people aren’t going to spend a lot of money, just for that one feature. Nvidia also didn’t share any numbers that would hint at significant raw performance improvements over the GeForce 10 series. This would mean relying on reviews, so a lot of people are still waiting for the NDA to end and benchmarks to come out.

Some big websites and reviewers have received their review RTX unit, but due to NDA agreements, they can’t share anything. Nvidia also hasn’t pushed out the final drivers for the review units nor sent out all the review units, and some publications are still waiting on it.

Because of these issues, Nvidia has extended the NDA dates for the review. The new date is September 19th, a two days extension from September 17th. But this extension might not be enough for a comprehensive review, given some people are still waiting for a review unit and those fortunate enough to receive one are still waiting for the drivers. Nobody is going to hold back their reviews after 19th, so some of them might be rushed.

We did get to see demo gameplay of the new Ray Tracing enabled Tomb Raider game in Gamescom, which was running on the RTX 2080ti, but even that had a hard time maintaining 60fps on 1080p with RTX ON. This did make a lot of people skeptical but the developers stated that the implementation was still a work in progress.

Tomshardware also put out an article with the title “Just Buy It” referring to the RTX cards, and they did receive a lot of flak from the tech community. It’s very important that prospective buyers see comprehensive reviews and comparisons and then make an informed decision.