Microsoft And Informatica Offer Attractive Cloud Services Migration Package To Help Customers Get On Azure

Microsoft has announced an interesting and attractive combination package in association with Informatica. Together the companies will offer free tools to help companies successfully migrate their analytics workloads to the cloud. These tools address the most taxing tasks that enterprises must undertake before they shift their data and digital processes to the cloud. Microsoft Azure is now not only attracting companies that are transferring their workloads to the cloud for the first time but also addressing the concerns of businesses that already have their data in the cloud and are looking to change service providers.

Microsoft today announced a partnership with Informatica. The companies are jointly offering a convincing migration offer. It consists of two components that are must for data and workloads migration to the cloud. The package consists of “Free Evaluation and Free Code Conversion” tools. Needless to mention, companies who are either considering moving their digital presence to the cloud or moving to another enterprise cloud service provider would invariably need these tools to ensure the transfer or migration is smooth and without any major glitches. Speaking about the new partnership, Rik Tamm-Daniels from Informatica said,

“At Informatica, we are excited to team up with Microsoft to bring the transformative power of AI-driven data management to accelerate the journey to the cloud for every customer who faces the challenge of scaling their enterprise data warehouse. The stakes are simply too high for companies to continue with the status quo. Together with Microsoft, we’re enabling companies to take their first step into the future at no cost.”

What Is Microsoft And Informatica Offering To Help Businesses Move Their Operations To Azure Cloud Services?

Microsoft is essentially offering two tools that substantially help companies in assessing their needs of components that Azure extends. Once the needs are evaluated and finalized, the second tool will help convert and optimize the companies’ software code to ensure it works smoothly when migrated to Azure. As the name implies, “Free Evaluation and Free Code Conversion” are being offered without any upfront payment. Moreover, Microsoft and Informatica are even extending a limited free-use period that would allow businesses to evaluate the benefits of moving to the Microsoft Azure Cloud services without any risk.

Informatica has teamed up with @Microsoft @Azure to provide customers with a free proof-of-value joint program to help jumpstart a business-critical initiative: modernizing to a #cloud data warehouse. Read more about this free POV offer:

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In partnership with Informatica, Microsoft will help companies first evaluate their needs. These might include server space, bandwidth, tools like big data analytics, and many other Artificial Intelligence (AI) driven features which are the primary benefits that companies derive when they move their data onto Microsoft Azure Cloud. Simply put, with Free Evaluation, businesses can work with Microsoft Azure and Informatica to truly understand their current data estate. Companies can determine what data is connected to their current data warehouse, and replicate tables without actually moving any data. They could essentially run simulations to obtain “Proof of Value”. This would allow businesses to carry out a cost and benefit analysis without actually going through the process, or disturbing the existing analytics setup. Once companies are satisfied with the potential benefits of moving to the Azure cloud services, they can then move to the next step.

As the name implies, with Free Code Conversion enterprises receive free code conversion for both the Proof of Value phase and when they are migrating to the cloud. To help companies see the benefit of using Azure, Microsoft is also extending a SQL Data Warehouse subscription. The 30-day subscription is essentially valid for the duration of the Proof of Value. This timeframe should be ample for companies to truly enjoy and evaluate the advantages of running their analytics workloads on Azure.

Microsoft And Informatica Address The Most Common Roadblock That Prevents Enterprises From Moving To The Cloud:

Enterprises can only scale rapidly and reliably if they have successfully linked their data with powerful AI-driven analytics, and insights. Moreover, they must have their data accessible rapidly and flexibly. Companies that maintain their data warehouses are being overwhelmed. However, modernizing to cloud data warehousing can be a daunting prospect. Incidentally, companies have realized the need for services like Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services and others. But they are well aware of the risk of interrupting critical flows of data.

Informatica makes the case: Why #data needs #AI and vice versaOne of the truisms in the technology world that has never gone out of style is the notion of “garb ..

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When migrating to the cloud, converting existing schemas can quickly become expensive. However, by the time the costs start escalating, companies are already well into the process. Microsoft and Informatica’s approach essentially helps enterprises in avoiding such costs and lets them truly experience the benefits before they begin the transition. “The Proof of Value should provide customers with a clear path forward for adopting cloud data warehousing with Azure SQL Data Warehouse with an approach that produces business value quickly while minimizing risk,” noted Informatica.