Gaming Laptops were never a mainstay for competitive players. You can play new games on beefier laptops but thermals and frames were always a limitation. However, with the RTX platform, Nvidia has largely closed the gap between laptop and desktop GPU chips and you can now buy laptops that deliver high frames making higher refresh rate displays a viable option, even going above the 144hz mark. Now Asus will be the first manufacturer to bring a 300Hz Gaming Laptop, which will be showcased at IFA Berlin. This is not surprising given Asus is one of the pioneers in Gaming Displays and they were the first company to introduce 120Hz notebooks back in 2016.

The Zephyrus S GX701 will be the first model with the 300Hz display but Asus states that there will be multiple releases by the end of this year. This specific model will be powered by a RTX 2080 GPU and an Intel i7-9750H.

Coming to the display, this is indeed a 300Hz screen but Asus is probably using an overclocked 240hz panel here. A 3ms GTG response time is also promised although GTG figures aren’t very indicative of the actual response time of the screen while gaming so be on the lookout for real-world usage reviews. Asus also states that the display will be factory color calibrated with Pantone Validation which is great for content work.

Asus’s Zephyrus laptops pack serious hardware in a small and slim chassis and with a 300Hz display now on the new models, the components must maintain their boost clocks for maximum frames. For this Asus has the ROG Active Aerodynamic System which opens hidden vents when the lid is lifted, this ensures the laptop doesn’t drop frames in the heat of the moment due to thermal throttling.

Coming to the viability of a 300Hz display, this is definitely not for everyone. Very few ESports titles will go beyond 300 frames even with an RTX 2080, so you will be limited in your selection. This can be great for ESports players who want a desktop replacement or want to practice on the go but for everyone else, you will be fine with a 144hz laptop. Compared to a 144hz screen, 300Hz is indeed a big upgrade but not so much if you already use a 240Hz display, again if you are a very competitive player those extra 60 frames can give you an advantage in fast shooters.

Zephyrus S GX701 is scheduled to release in October. Two more models will also come out with a 300Hz display and an RTX 2070 later this year, the ROG Zephyrus S GX502 and the Strix Scar III. There’s no word on pricing yet, but we will update this article if there’s any new information.