September patch Tuesday Updates turned out to be problematic for Windows 10 users. Many of them reported issues with printing after the installation of these updates. Considering the intensity of this issue, Microsoft has released a new Windows 10 cumulative update KB4524147.

The update resolves this issue for both Windows Server and Windows 10 platforms. It looks like KB4524147 fixes the previous printer spooler issues but brings new problems of its own.

There are various reports on Microsoft Answers and Reddit forums, related to the broken Start menu, printing and booting issues. Windows 10 users started experiencing this problem after the installation of Windows 10 cumulative update KB4524147. We have briefly discussed the list of issues reported so far on Microsoft community forum.

Windows 10 KB4524147 Update ProblemsChrome Crashes

It seems like the update breaks printing function in Chrome browser. A Windows 10 users who installed KB4524147 update confirmed that the browser crashes in the print preview window.

File Deletion Issues

Another user report suggests that the installation of KB4524147 might delete files from your system. According to the user, the system was reset to the default state simply leaving behind some programs such as Photoshop and CyberLink.

Broken Start Menu

There are some reports about broken search UI as well. It is not a new bug and people noticed a similar issue after the installation of the cumulative update released on September 23. One of the users reported on the Microsoft Answers clicking on the Start menu leads to a critical error.

Installation Failures

Installation failure is not a new problem and Windows 10 users have always experienced this problem with almost every new cumulative update. The recent KB4524147is also affected by a similar issue and it failed to install with the error 0x800f0988 for some. If you are unable to install the update, try downloading it manually from Microsoft Update Catalogue.

Printing Problems

Microsoft confirmed and fixed the printer problem caused by KB4522016 update. However, this issue is back once again. The installation of KB4524147 removed printers for many users, leaving them unable to install any new printer.

Windows Search Doesn’t Work

Although Microsoft resolved the issue with Windows search that was previously caused by KB4517211. Unfortunately, this problem is back again with the release of KB4524147. There are numerous reports that people can’t even type anything into the Windows 10 search bar.

Device Fails To Start

Apart from all the installation issues, some Windows 10 users complained that their device failed to start after the installation of KB4524147 on their systems. the forum reports suggest that the users managed to resolve the issue through a rollback.

Outlook Issues

There are some reports that the Copy to My Calendar function in Outlook stopped working after installing the latest cumulative update. This situation is troublesome for many because it is a pretty handy feature and people use it on a daily basis.

Microsoft is yet to acknowledge these issues but it looks like Microsoft has many problems to tackle this week. Let’s wait and watch how many of these issues are resolved in October Patch Tuesday Updates