It’s not quite the Apple way to actually reduce prices but the iPhone 11 was the prodigal son to break this trend. As far as initial reviews go, the iPhone 11 is a complete package with an impressive price tag. Yes, while the Pro model has a little more to offer, the younger brother has most of that for an amazing price tag and the same, if not better battery life.

According to an article by Phonearena, reports suggest that the new iPhone 11 is outperforming even its predecessor: the iPhone XR. Having sold about 15% more models than last year’s XR at this time, Apple aims to ship about 70 Million units by the end of this year and clearly, this trend with the new iPhone 11 priced at $699 would certainly help Apple’s case.

iPhone 11 continues to do well on paper as the most favourite model in the 2019 lineup

The research by Jun Zhang promotes some interesting figures but it also brings up a bunch of intriguing questions as well. While the iPhone 11 continues to do well around the globe (especially in China), the iPhone 11 Pro models might not fair so well. According to Zhang, the iPhone 11 Pro orders, though hefty in number are trumped by last year’s figures. This would imply that while iPhone 11 sales would boost the overall numbers, the 11 Pro models would just bring it back down to square one.

While it does seem a bit pessimistic from the researcher, others claim that Apple would continue to display similar figures if not a gradual increase in their numbers. According to Zhang, Apple would see serious decline in sales during 2020 as well, overall sales included. While other reports indicate that the introduction of the upcoming iPhone SE2 would boost Apple’s Numbers in the short run for the upcoming year, Zhang believes that these would be minimal gains and would not help Apple’s case at all. Perhaps we would get the real picture pretty soon as 2020 isn’t that far off. Despite everything, it should be noted that Apple’s new lineup is quite something. Something that should be applauded.