Apple’s Dark mode was received well since iOS 13 rolled out. While the dark mode looks quite aesthetic, the OLED panel iPhones really compliment the feature. What many users may not realize is that apart from looking pretty, this feature helps your phone battery as well. No, it does not give battery health but instead, saves it.

As the general rule goes, the OLED panels work by shinning only those LEDs which light up a certain point on the screen. This means that areas where there is nothing, or, a blank screen would be no LEDs shining on the screen. Perhaps this is the reason why Dark mode is good for your battery life. Apple was keen to include areas of complete nothing-ness on the screen which take help of this battery saving opportunity. But no, don’t take our word or theory on the matter. The PhoneBuff Youtube channel tried this theory for a practical approach. The team assembled two identical iPhones, both running the same version of the iOS 13 platform. To ensure uniformity, both phones were made to run apps which take advantage of the new dark mode and were operated by Robots.

The end result showed that the iPhone running Dark mode not only lasted longer than the one which didn’t but, it also had a good 30% battery left by the time the other was drained out. These results are quite fascinating. The video explains how these results vary with different levels of brightness. Of course, at lower levels, the non-dark version would perform well too considering the LED isn’t at full brightness. Of course, people with iPhones 8 and below and those with XRs and 11, I am so sorry for you guys but this is something you need an OLED for. Perhaps, this was quite the move by Apple, quite well thought out and making sure they didn’t have to really beef up their batteries for better endurance. Points to Apple for this. The PhoneBuff video is linked below.