The latest cumulative update sent to Windows 10 version 1903 has been causing some weird behavioral issues within multiple components. If the update doesn’t fail to install, it is known to break down Start Menu with a critical error. Although Microsoft was quick to acknowledge the issue and promised a fix in the next few weeks, the Windows OS maker will have to address an additional issue that quite a few users have been reporting. According to several reports, the October 2019 Cumulative Update sent to Windows 10 1903 is also breaking down the Microsoft Edge browser.

The latest Windows 10 version 1909 may be just around the corner for everyday users, but the Windows 10 version 1903 (May 2019 Update) is still the latest stable release. Microsoft released the Windows 10 KB4517389 Cumulative Update, also known as the October 2019 Update, on October 8. The latest update might just be the last large update before Microsoft releases the Windows 10 1909 Update to common users. It is currently doing the rounds of Release Preview Ring Insiders.

Windows 10 KB4517389 Addresses Print Spooler Break Down But Causes Several More Problems, Claims Users:

One of the most noticeable issues that the Windows 10 September 2019 Update caused was the breaking of the Print Spooler. The update caused the print spooler to end abruptly. Microsoft had promised a fix and accordingly sent one in the latest Windows 10 KB4517389 Update. As a temporary fix, Windows 10 1903 users could simply uninstall the KB4517211 update to resolve the Print Spooler issue. Although the latest October 2019 Cumulative Update does address the Print Spooler break down issue, apparently it causes several more. Several Windows 10 users who installed the latest update have been reporting about the same.

Yet another botched Windows 10 update, breaking the Start Menu (again), Search, Edge browser and VMWare.If you experience any of these problems please uninstall update KB4517389.Get in touch if you need assistance.

— ITstuff[ed] (@ItstuffE) October 14, 2019

One of the most prominent problems is that Windows 10 KB4517389 Update simply fails to install. Recently we also reported another issue, which was affecting the Start Menu. Microsoft too acknowledged that Windows 10 update could break down the Start menu with a critical error and promised a fix in the coming weeks.

In a community post, a Microsoft engineer stated that the software giant is aware of classic Edge browser issues and a fix will be delivered to devices in October. “We are aware of this issue and estimate a resolution to be released in late October.”

However, the same update breaks down yet another feature, which is the Microsoft Edge browser. Several users have claimed the latest October Update is breaking down the browser. Although not common, a few users have been adding a number of other features that behave erratically.

Javascript Issue with KB4517389 – Electron apps doesn’t work.

— David Johnson (@ve3ofa) October 14, 2019

Windows 10 KB4517389 was released on October 8 for all consumers as an automatic update. What this means is that it installs without offering any permission to delay or manually install the update. As per Microsoft’s assurance, a fix to address the Windows 10 Start Menu breaking down could arrive within an optional update in late October. It is quite likely that the same optional update, which could arrive before October 2019 ends, might also include a fix to prevent Microsoft Edge Classic browser from breaking down.

Windows 10 May 2019 Update has been one of the most troubled releases. The latest monthly update has so far caused issues in wireless networking, broken down Windows Search, Cortana, and caused weird behavior in Start Menu, and even resulted in high CPU usage.

With so many issues, users could be impatiently waiting for Microsoft to bring back the Optional Update Listing and a feature that would automatically rollback troublesome updates.