The Telegram users on iOS and Android are now getting a new 5.8v update. Undoubtedly Telegram is one of the most widely used messenger apps by those who are keen about their privacy. With each new version of the update, the Telegram is getting better privacy features. The last update 5.7v one of the key features was allowing users hiding phone number from other contacts. On the other hand, the latest version’s new features revolve around increasing interactivity on the local level.

Add People Nearby

The People Nearby feature is quite helpful if you are looking to build a local community group. With the latest version Telegram will utilize the user’s GPS location to add nearby users. Now you can also add the nearby users in an open location-based group. This feature will be quite beneficial if users are gathering for an event or a match.

Telegram 5.8v

Those who want to build a local group, the new update brings the feature to add local groups. You can also add nearby users as contacts without showing your number.

Transfer Group Ownership

A new Transfer Group ownership feature is introduced so that the group creator can shift the ownership. The admin powers can be now shifted to any other user of the group, the new owner can even ban the old creator as well.

Telegram 5.8vAdd to Contacts

Usually, when we start a chat with new user on Whatsapp, we always have an option of “Add to contacts” or “Block” but that wasn’t the case with Telegram. Fortunately, the new update brings the option of Add to Contacts or Block user with each new chat.

Telegram 5.8vNotification Exceptions

A new Notification Exceptions feature is introduced so that users can toggle the message previews according to their preference for the specific chats.

Telegram 5.8v

The new 5.8v update is now available for download via App Store, however, if your app is yet not automatically updated you can update manually as well. Feel free to share your thoughts regarding the Telegram 5.8v update in the comments section below. Stay tuned for more updates.