It is quite ironic that wearables had such a drastic beginning and only a couple of years into the tech, it has gone quite stagnant. It is perhaps the idea of limitations on technology that keeps manufacturers from making a breakthrough with wearable tech. While Apple does continue to dominate the smartwatch world, Samsung does its part to give competition to the hardware giant. Since there have been categories formed in terms of smartwatches, the all-purpose ones and fitness ones, we take our focus to the former, in this context.

Samsung has recently introduced its latest smartwatch, the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2. 9to5Google, in its report, introduced the features and the price of the upcoming device. The Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2 is the successor to the first one which came out back with the S10 series.

What’s New?

Samsung has done the best thing possible when it comes to making hardware. It has completely revamped the product (a subtle jab at Apple with its iPhones). The new watch offers two new size options, similar to the Apple Watch. Active2 comes in a 40mm option and a 44mm option. In these, there are different finish options such as “Aqua Black” available too, with different prices.

Everyone who was a fan of the rotating bezel of the Samsung Galaxy Watch would be happy to know the feature comes through in the new model. This time around though, there is a certain twist to it. By equipping the dial with a touch sensor, Samsung has effectively added more screen real estate to the watch and stuck with its iconic feature. Both models come with 247 and 320 mah batteries respectively: enough to make them last a couple of day on a single charge, depending on usage.

The New Galaxy Watch Active2 comes in different colors and finishes. Via 9to5Google

Since the Watch has the word “Active” in it, there have been additions to that department as well. Firstly, there have been more sensors to track the heart rate on the watch. Not only does it provide faster readings but these would be more accurate as well. These additional sensors would allow the watch to track ECG levels too. This is complemented by a plethora of new features added to Samsung’s Wellness Coach App.

Finally, the watch is now equipped with LTE support. Similar to the Apple Watch, Samsung’s Galaxy Watch Active 2 can function independently. Given the watch gives a more open and free interface and permissions, it would give more opportunities to exploit the LTE function.

The Watch is priced at 279$ for the base model and 299$ for the 44mm one (the basic versions). Both of these devices would be available from September 27th with Pre-orders starting now. With pre-orders, users will get a portable wireless charger for the watch.