The iPhone SE was quite a success when it came out. While the phone received almost flagship specs, it was packed in a smaller body. Apple had cut some corners here and there which really helped bring down the cost. Today, we see Apple’s iPhone XR and 11 which really break the stereotype of expensive Apple products. To be very honest, it was the SE that started this trend, coming in at $399 at launch.

According to various sources, this has been leaked that Apple is currently working on introducing the second iteration of the iPhone SE. Currently, the jury is still out on the name but let’s just call it the iPhone SE 2 for now. Regarding the device, a popular analyst, Ming-Chi Kuo linked with Apple news has released some information regarding the launch of the upcoming phone. According to the article posted on Macrumors, the device is going to start being mass-produced at the start of 2020. This would ensure delivery for March, just in time for the launch. This fits perfectly with the expected launch of the device, also hinted by Kuo. According to him, Apple would be unveiling it along with the new generation of iPads and the new 16-inch MacBook Pro.

The article goes into further details about the specs of the device which, while seem quite accurate, have certain anomalies. For the specs that he expects, the analyst has included an A13 chip, the same one found in the current generation of the iPhones. Along with that, it would be supporting 3GBs of RAM and would have a base storage of 64GB. This would all be housed in a body similar to that of the iPhone 7 and 8 models. While the rest seems fine, I find it a bit farfetched that Apple would include it’s latest chip in the device. In my opinion, it would have the A12 chip from last year instead. As for the base storage, just like a trend with the previous model, being short of the flagships, this too might start at 32GBs instead of 64. For the price, Kuo predicts that it would start off at $399. It should be noted that currently, Apple is losing money with the iPhone 11 by cutting down the price. This is not to say that they are losing actual money, but economically speaking, trends from the iPhone XR suggest, realized profit is lost. Apple might not price the upcoming device so low. Instead, I believe it would start off at around $450, which is still a steal, considering the specs that are rumored. The device would feature an LCP (Liquid Crystal Polymer) panel, developed by LG, which the article suggests is in the quality testing phase.

As for Kuo, he believes Apple would be shipping 2 million to 4 million devices every month at the start. Perhaps we would know for sure in the first quarter of the next year. What I would really like to know is what Apple ends up calling the thing.