VFX stands for Visual Effects and it is a combination of actual real-life footage and the computer-generated imagery in order to mimic a scene which would otherwise have not been feasible to shoot under normal circumstances because of its cost, time consumption and even impracticality in some of the cases. These effects are very commonly used nowadays for making extremely wonderful videos. However, we cannot play around with these effects if we do not have good VFX software. Therefore, we are going to share with you a list of the 5 Best Software to Create VFX Effects so that you can learn more about their impressive features. So let us get started.

1. Filmora Wondershare 9

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Wondershare Filmora 9 is an amazing VFX software that is designed for the Windows and Mac operating systems. It even allows you to create high-quality 4K videos. You can use this software for various purposes such as Education, Vlogging, Gaming, etc. It enables you to perform all the basic video editing operations such as Splitting, Rotating, Cropping, and Trimming videos. You can also control the Timing of your videos and adjust their Brightness and Volume. You can mix different audios within your video or you can even detach audio from a video. It also lets you Zoom in to a video while editing it so that you can pay attention to every little detail. You can Stabilize and Enhance your videos as well.

Wondershare Filmora 9

Filmora 9 also offers you the latest Green Screen, Picture in Picture, and Scene Detection features with which you can enhance the quality of your videos to the fullest. You can even do the Color Tuning of your videos in order to make your videos look finer. With this VFX software, you can Add Mosaic to your videos and also Tilt-Shift your videos. Apart from these amazing features, Filmora 9 also presents you with over 200 Filters with the help of which you can change the complete look of your videos. This VFX software is capable of saving your edited videos in almost all the popular formats such as MP4, MOV, FLV, etc. Moreover, you can even share your videos directly from this software to YouTube or Vimeo and also burn them to a DVD.

As far as the pricing of this software is concerned, then Wondershare Filmora 9 offers us a free trial version and a 30 Days Money Back Guarantee for all of its paid versions. The details of its paid versions are given below:

  • Wondershare Filmora 9 Individual- This plan costs $59.99 per PC which is a one time cost.
  • Wondershare Filmora 9 Business- This plan is worth $139.99 per PC.

Note: This pricing is only for the Windows operating system. The prices for Mac OS may differ.

Wondershare Filmora 9 Pricing2. Autodesk 3Ds Max

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Autodesk 3Ds Max is a versatile software for creating VFX effects while using the Windows operating system. This software claims to give you full artistic control with its professional quality 3D models. The whole feature set of this software is divided into four distinct categories i.e. 3D Modeling, Texturing, and Effects, 3D Animation and Dynamics, 3D Rendering, and UI, Workflow, and Pipeline. We are going to discuss all of these categories in detail one by one.

In the 3D modeling, texturing, and effects category, the Spline Workflows are there to create and animate geometry in multiple intuitive ways. It provides support for Open Shading Language (OSL). With the Blended Box Map feature, you can easily morph your videos. You can even create the best procedural modeling details with the help of the Chamfer Modifier of 3Ds Max. The Hair and Fur Modifier lets you play around with these basic features of the characters within your videos. This software allows you to efficiently create parametric and organic objects by making use of the Mesh and Surface Modeling feature.

Under the head of 3D animation and dynamics, you can create realistic liquid behaviors with the help of the 3Ds Max Fluids feature. You can manipulate your animations by modifying its Motion Paths. The General Animation Tools of this VFX software let you view and edit animation trajectories directly in the viewport. The Particle Flow Effects of 3Ds Max enable you to create amazing particle effects such as water, fire, spray, and snow. With the Geodesic Voxel and Heatmap Skinning feature of this software, you can create perfect skins for your characters within no time. Moreover, the Simple Simulation Data Import feature allows you to animate your simulation data in CFD, CSV, or OpenVDB formats.

Autodesk 3Ds Max

In the 3D rendering category, 3Ds Max provides you with an Improved Viewport Quality. The Physical Camera feature of this software allows you to simulate real-life camera settings such as exposure, shutter speed, etc. The Activeshade Viewport feature lets you modify your screen content directly within your final Activeshade render. You can also create accurate images for architectural scenes with the help of Autodesk Raytracer Renderer (ART). By making use of the Scene Layout in VR feature, 3Ds Max enables you to edit scenes directly from within VR.

Under the head of UI, workflow, and pipeline, you can make use of the 3Ds Max Batch feature for automating this VFX software and using it as a real command-line tool. The Modern UI and Workspaces feature of this software lets you create your own customized workspaces. You can seamlessly move from one renderer to another with the help of the Scene Converter feature of 3Ds Max. Last but not least, this VFX software also presents you with the Autodesk Viewer Workflow feature with which you can share your models and then review online feedback on them directly from 3Ds Max interface.

Autodesk 3Ds Max offers us a free trial version whereas the details of its paid versions are given below:

  • 3Ds Max- The price of this version is $1545 per year.
  • Media and Entertainment Collection- This version costs $2145 per year.
  • Product Design and Manufacturing Collection- This version is worth $2590 per year.
  • Architecture, Engineering, and Construction Collection- Autodesk charge $2825 per year for this version.

Autodesk 3Ds Max Pricing3. Cinema 4D

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Cinema 4D is an excellent VFX software designed for the Windows and Mac operating systems by Maxon. This software presents you with such features that are solely dedicated to creating VFX effects. With the Motion Tracking feature of Cinema 4D, you can fully integrate 3D elements into your camera footage. The Pipeline Integration feature of this VFX software enables you to integrate it with some of the most commonly used editing tools in the industry such as Houdini Engine, Adobe After Effects, Nuke, etc.

Cinema 4D

With the help of the Character Object feature of Cinema 4D, you can simply focus on the artistry of animations instead of wasting your precious time on complex rigging techniques. Moreover, the Animations feature of this VFX software lets you set the Keyframes for your videos. You can also Tweak your animations in the PowerSlider. Last but not least, this software even allows you to Group your animations as clips and mix them in a non-linear manner.

Cinema 4D offers us a free trial version whereas the details of its paid plans are listed below:

  • Cinema 4D Annual- The price of this plan is EUR 61.49 per month.
  • Cinema 4D Annual with Redshift- This plan costs EUR 86.09 per month.
  • Cinema 4D Monthly- This plan is worth EUR 104.54 per month.
  • Cinema 4D Monthly with Redshift- The value of this plan is EUR 129.02 per month.
  • Cinema 4D Perpetual- Maxon charges EUR 3567 for this plan which is a one time cost.

Cinema 4D Pricing4. Adobe After Effects

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Adobe After Effects is a famous VFX software designed for the Windows and Mac operating systems. This software allows you to create visual effects for Film, TV, Video, and Web. It enables you to Combine different videos and images. With the Get Animated feature, you can set anything in motion from Logos to Shapes and Cartoons. The best thing about this VFX software is that it compliments its other products very well such as Photoshop, Illustrator, Character Animator, etc.

This VFX software allows you to easily remove objects from your video clips. This feature is especially helpful for you if you are fond of developing games in which the scenes change very rapidly with every blink of an eye. You can even bend, curve, or twist your animations by making use of the Advanced Puppet Tools for Mesh Sculpting. Last but not least, Adobe After Effects also lets you apply Depth Effects to your videos such as Depth of Field, Fog 3D, Depth Matte, etc. for making your elements look more natural.

Adobe After Effects

Adobe After Effects also offers us a free trial version whereas the pricing of its paid versions is stated below:

  • Adobe After Effects Individuals Plan- This plan is further divided into four different sub-plans i.e. Photography, Single App, All Apps, and All Apps + Adobe Stock. Their prices are $9.99, $20.99, $52.99, and $82.98 per month respectively.
  • Adobe After Effects Business Plan- This plan is categorized into two distinct sub-plans i.e. All Apps and Single App. Their costs are $79.99 and $33.99 per month respectively.
  • Adobe After Effects Students and Teachers Plan- This plan is worth $19.99 per month.
  • Adobe After Effects Schools and Universities Plan- This plan is divided into two different sub-plans i.e. Per Named User License and Per Shared Device. The former one is further categorized into the All Apps and Single App plan. Their prices are $34.99 and $14.99 per month whereas Adobe After Effects charges $330 per year for the Per Shared Device plan.

Adobe After Effects Pricing5. HitFilm Pro

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HitFilm Pro is an outclass software for creating VFX effects, that is designed for the Windows and Mac operating systems. This software claims to have the biggest VFX toolkit in the whole industry. You can create realistic scenes just within a matter of a few seconds with the help of its 2D Characters, 3D Models, and Custom Animations. HitFilm Pro presents you with over 820 different VFX and presets to be precise with which you can enhance the quality of your videos and make them look even more appealing. The Compositing and Green Screen features of this software effortlessly extract different objects and actors from your videos.

HitFilm Pro

You can bring in more clarity in your videos by making use of the 3D Models of HitFilm Pro. With the help of its Particle Engines, you can enhance your different scenes to the fullest by adding even the tiniest of the details to every little particle such as smoke, snow, fire, etc. You can make use of the Motion Graphics feature of this VFX software for making sophisticated animations. The most fascinating thing about HitFilm Pro is that it presents you with the Foundry 3D Camera Tracker feature which is in fact the most commonly used technology for creating blockbuster movies. HitFilm Pro offers us a free trial version whereas its paid version is worth $299 which is a one time cost.

HitFilm Pro Pricing