Microsoft released Windows 10 Version 1903 back in May this year. Windows 10 users started reporting hundreds of issues soon after its release. Although Microsoft releases patches to fix these issues on a regular basis, still each new build brings issues of its own.

Quiet recently many users noticed a strange writing bug in the Reset Settings app of this Windows 10 systems. The incomprehensible characters forced users to think that their systems have been infected by a nasty malware. However, later it was revealed that it’s just a writing bug and Microsoft is aware of this issue.

Reset Settings App Bug

It’s a widespread issue that was reported on Reddit and Microsoft forums.

My question is this if I go into Windows settings> App> App and features in all the Apps to which one can access “advanced options” reset works but has this strange writing (which I will attach).

It can be repaired, and because even with the “clean boot” procedure it didn’t work.

Apparently, it is not actually a bug and Microsoft is deliberately testing non-English support for Windows 10 which causes this problem. Microsoft’s Engineer Jen confirmed that it should be fixed in the upcoming releases.

Since nobody mentioned this yet, this is something they do to test non-English language support while still keeping it legible for English readers.

It’s called “pseudo-localization”. Perfectly normal, assuming you’re on an Insider build.

This bug is not limited to Windows Insiders and it exists in the last stable Windows 10 Build 18362,32. It seems like it was introduced by a buggy update released at the end of August.

Other Issues Affecting Windows 10 Version 1903

Microsoft is really working hard to fix all the reported issues in the latest version of Windows 10. However, the user reports on the Feedback Hub suggest that Windows 10 May 2019 is still plagued by numerous issues.

The first issue affects the time zone information in Windows 10 version 1903. Users reported that there is a difference between the time zone you can see on the Settings page and the one returned by systeminfo.exe.

Moving further, Windows 10 version 1903 has some issues with data execution prevention. It is a functionality that protects the OS from malware and viruses. According to the user reports, the less secure default setting is automatically activated after each update.

Finally, some users experienced problems when they tried to add some web pages to the list of trusted sites. One of the users failed to add to the list.