Latest Build Of Amd Link Adds Support For Android Tv Streaming

Streaming games locally to a nearby compatible TV through your PC is not a new thing at least for Nvidia users. After hours of gaming on the desk, one may want to take it to a comfy couch. You only require a Shield TV box, a for best results a 5GHz connection if you’re going to stream wirelessly and there you go. You can play your games on your TV through the shield controller. Recently, Valve the company behind the most significant PC game store Steam announced their streaming services for the Android TV. It only requires the Steam Link app (available in PlayStore) and a 5GHz connection or ethernet, and you can play the games on your TV. Steam offers HDR gaming up to 4K directly through your personal computer.

The only major gaming firm remains is AMD, and up until last week, AMD did not offer anything related to local streaming on the big screen (TV). Their AMD Link app only allowed streaming on the Android devices. It turns out the company has recently updated the app, and it now supports Android TV streaming. Android Police spotted the AMD Link TV streaming functionality first.

To get the stream running on your Android TV, you need the app. It can be downloaded via the PlayStore, to ensure the correct version you can get the app through the link here. You may want to update the Radeon Adrenalin software to its latest build; however, version 19.7.1 added the support for Android TV. So, you need to have at least the version mentioned above for it to work.

When using AMD Link through your Android TV, it only shows a handful of options for the user. It includes the connect section which allows quick and easy access of the TV through your PC. The gaming section not only includes direct game streaming on your TV but also enables the user to the access to stream any media on your TV. Lastly, the media section does the rest by allowing the user to playback gameplay sessions previously recorded on your PC.

Setting up the device is very straightforward. One must connect the TV and the computer to the same local network to avoid connection difficulties later. For better results, ethernet is preferred. Firstly, enable the AMD Link server through the Radeon settings available on the Radeon Adrenalin software. Now launch the AMD Link app on your TV, it will search your Radeon PC via the local network. Lastly, connect your detected PC by entering the security PIN.