A few days ago, Ubisoft announced upcoming ‘aesthetic changes’ to Rainbow Six Siege as they prepare it for release in China. As we all know, the Chinese government has strict rules regarding the portrayal of violence or mature content in video games, which is why some maps in the first-person shooter are being altered. What angered the fans is the fact that these changes will be made to the global version of Rainbow Six Siege, not just the Chinese build. Needless to say, fans from all across the world, including China, dislike the changes and are unhappy.

Responding to the situation, several Chinese players took to Reddit to share their opinion. Generally, all of them express their hatred for the Chinese government, saying that this is “totally not what Chinese players want.” 

“There is already too much censorship in PRC, followed by the laws never written down,” says another Chinese player. “I dont need them, like I dont need a censored game, or a company willing to comply with such nonsense.”

Ubisoft preparing expansion into Asian territories has caused a lot of backlash, with some player threatening to uninstall the game if these changes go live. The developers have confirmed that the “A Single, Global Version” statement refers to the aesthetic changes only, and changes that affect ‘core gameplay’ will be made to “a separate, region locked, build.”

Rainbow Six Siege Steam

During the whole fiasco, it seems that the standard edition of Rainbow Six Siege is missing from the Steam store. As stated by community developer Epi, this is probably caused by a bug, as this version of the game is still available on Uplay. However, that hasn’t stopped upset fans from using this as another reason to hate Ubisoft. The changes will be made sometime in the next season, which is due early December, meaning Ubisoft has a little bit of time to defuse the situation.