Four years after the game’s launch, Rainbow Six Siege may finally introduce major changes to shield operators. In a new test server update, Ubisoft is testing out nerfs and buffs to several operators. Additionally, the notorious Clash, claymore, and deployable shield exploits that have been plaguing Rainbow Six Siege for the past few weeks have been fully resolved.


The first change is that a shield bash attack performed by a shield-carrying attacker will no longer instantly kill opponents. Instead, the opponent will be injured and put into the DBNO state. All shield operators, including Blitz, Fuze, Montagne, and shield recruit are affected by this. Note that regular melee knife attacks will still register as instant kills.

In addition, the hip-fire accuracy for shields has been nerfed. The hip-fire “cone”, which determines how far bullets deviate from the center of the crosshair, has been increased. This will reduce the occurrences of “lucky headshots”.

Ballistic shields in Rainbow Six Siege have been a controversial topic since the game’s launch. Although they have received many tweaks over the years, none compare to either of the upcoming nerfs. There’s no doubt that these changes will significantly affect how shield operators are played.

Operator Balancing

Alongside the changes to ballistic shields, the new test server updates adjusts the abilities of a handful of operators, including the recently reworked Glaz.


The Russian sniper operator’s Phantom Sight rework has drastically lowered his pick rate, and it looks like Ubisoft isn’t happy. Now, it will take less time for Glaz to lose his vision when moving or rotating. Also, he will now be able to move for 6 seconds (up from 2.5 seconds) before losing full vision.


Jackal’s Eyenox footprint tracker has taken a big hit in the new update. The number of pings per scan have been reduced to 4 (down from 5), and the overall tracking time has been reduced to 20 seconds (down from 25 seconds). Since the introduction of pick and ban into ranked, Jackal has earned a spot as one of the most-banned operators. In a recent blog, Ubisoft stated that they aren’t happy with how stagnant pick and ban has turned out to be, so although unlikely, it’s possible this nerf has something to do with that.

The patch also hands nerfs to Echo and Maverick, and buffs the newly-released Nøkk. Echo’s Yokai Sonic Burst will now disorient players for a minimum of 7 seconds instead of 10 seconds. Although Ubisoft doesn’t explicitly state it, this nerf could be an attempt to balance out the powerful defender’s ban rate in ranked.

Maverick’s blowtorch has had its sound SFX modified and is now easier to hear when it’s used in close proximity. Nøkk’s gadget can now be used for 12 seconds before needing to recharge, allowing players to use it more effectively.

The most important thing to note is that these changes are currently being trialed on the test servers. As such, it’s quite possible that the buffs and nerfs listed above don’t make it onto the live servers.