HTML stands for HyperText Markup Language and it has been in extensive use for creating documents on the World Wide Web for ages. This language or notation is in fact used for specifying the structure and layout of a web page by making use of multiple different tags and attributes. Anyone out there who has a basic knowledge of web development must have familiarity with HTML. Now since we know that just like other programming languages, HTML is also a dedicated language so this language also has its own requirements of usage.

Just like all other programming languages have their own specialized compilers on which their programs are written and edited, HTML also has its own specific editors. Therefore, whenever you feel the need for editing an HTML file, your biggest concern is to find a good HTML editor. Well, you do not have to think about it anymore because we are going to share with you a list of The 5 Best HTML 5 Editors since HTML 5 is the latest available version of this markup language. So let us see if these HTML 5 editors are worth using or not.

1. Adobe Dreamweaver

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Adobe Dreamweaver is the most famous web development application by Adobe designed for the Windows and Mac operating systems. This is considered a very versatile HTML 5 editor that allows you to design and develop a full-fledged website within no time because it has all the tools available for doing so. This editor enables you to create websites for any browser or any device. Apart from HTML, Adobe Dreamweaver also supports many other scripting languages including JavaScript, CSS, etc.

The Dynamic Website Management along with the Simplified Coding Engine of Adobe Dreamweaver lets you have fast and flexible coding experience. This tool also provides you with Code Hints while you are programming in order to make it easier for you to learn and edit HTML and other scripting languages quickly. The Visual Aids of this software are there to reduce the errors and to speed up the website development process. Moreover, if you are not good at programming but still want to develop a great website, even then you do not need to worry at all because Dreamweaver provides you with Starter Templates that you can use and customize according to your own needs and still create outclass websites even without being a professional programmer.

The Code Coloring and Visual Hints feature of this HTML 5 editor is used to make quick modifications by instantly identifying the erroneous parts of the code. The Dynamic Display feature makes the websites developed by this HTML 5 editor so flexible that they can easily fit any screen size. It also allows you to Preview and Edit your HTML 5 code in real-time so that you can make the final amendments before publishing your website. If you want to have a bigger and better picture of whatever you have developed, then you can make use of the Multi-Monitor Support of this HTML 5 editor for viewing your web pages on multiple different monitors at a time.

Adobe Dreamweaver

Adobe Dreamweaver has a very friendly and fully customizable user interface which means that you can choose a limited number of tools that you use more frequently to appear on your main screen so that it does not get cluttered. This HTML 5 editor also comes with Git Support so that you can manage all of your source code within Dreamweaver and perform all common operations from the Git panel. Moreover, this software also provides you with lots of step by step Tutorials that you can watch any time in order to get started with Dreamweaver.

This HTML 5 editor offers us a free trial version whereas the details of its paid versions are listed below:

  • Individual Plan- This plan is further divided into four sub-plans i.e. Photography, Single App, All Apps, and All Apps + Adobe Stock. The Photography Plan costs $9.99 per month, the price of the Single App Plan is $20.99 per month, the All Apps plan is worth $52.99 per month whereas Adobe charges $82.98 for the All Apps + Adobe Stock Plan.
  • Business Plan- This plan is divided into two different sub-plans i.e. All Apps and Single App. The price of All Apps Plan is $79.99 per month whereas the Single App Plan is worth $33.99 per month.
  • Students and Teachers Plan- This plan costs $19.99 per month.
  • Schools and Universities Plan- This plan has two distinct categories i.e. Per Named-User License and Per Shared Device License. The Per Named-User License is further divided into two plans i.e. All Apps Plan and Single App Plan. The All Apps Plan costs $34.99 per month and the Single App Plan is worth $14.99 per month. Moreover, Adobe charges $330 per year for the Per Shared Device License.

Adobe Dreamweaver Pricing2. Aloha Editor

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Aloha Editor is a well-known web-based HTML 5 editor. It is an open source editor which combines the JavaScript expertise of 40 plus developers from all over the world. It claims to reduce 25% of the time that your content manager spends on routine tasks. Since it is an open source HTML 5 editor, therefore, you can easily expand it by adding more useful features to it according to your own requirements. This web-based HTML 5 editor is so friendly and easy to use that the users do not need to spend much time on learning it rather they can conveniently get started with it.

The Front End Editing feature of this HTML 5 editor allows you to edit the content where you see it on your website. The Clean Copy and Paste feature helps you in copying the content from a Microsoft Word document and pasting it on your website directly without any formatting issues. Aloha Editor enables you to create Tables for your website very easily with the help of its Format Templates. You can Input your content 25% faster as compared to other editors while making use of this HTML 5 editor. Moreover, it also lets you edit the Dynamic Content of your website directly in the front end.

Aloha Editor

While making use of any web-based tools, the most annoying things that users often experience are pop-ups, reloading, and preview. Thanks to Aloha Editor that it says NO to all these distractions so that you can just focus on your work. The loading time of this HTML 5 editor is also very less. It loads 80% faster as compared with other editors to be precise. The APIs of this editor allows you to use all its available interfaces. You can also create new Plug-ins for this HTML 5 editor with the help of its APIs.

Aloha Editor takes no time while integrating itself into your application. All you need to do is just to add a few lines of JavaScript code in order to integrate this HTML 5 editor within your web application. This editor also gives you the flexibility to make it look and feel like your own corporate design with the help of its Individual Design feature. A great amount of Professional Support is also provided to the users for using this editor. Last but not least, Aloha Editor gives you all of these amazing features absolutely for free.

3. Mercury Editor

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Mercury Editor is a full-featured free and open source HTML 5 editor. This HTML 5 editor is very easy and simple to download and use. This HTML 5 editor does not force you to work with JavaScript or CSS rather you have the complete liberty of using whichever framework you like. Since it is an open source software, therefore, you can add or remove toolbars to this HTML 5 editor according to your choice as well as you can even add all new tools to it according to your own requirements. This editor supports all the new HTML 5 elements, syntax and JavaScript APIs.

The Preview feature of Mercury Editor helps you in previewing your content while you are working on it to see all the changes you make in real-time and also ensure if your website looks exactly like you have planned or not. This tool is built on the Principle of Localization for giving the users a native and friendly experience. You can make use of the Link Tools and Media Tools of this HTML 5 editor for inserting and editing the Links, Bookmarks, Tables of Content, Images, Videos, etc. There are several default regions within this tool that you can conveniently use such as HTML, Markdown, Snippet, Simple and Image Regions. Moreover, you can also define your own customized regions.

Mercury Editor

You can create and edit Advanced Visual Tables within your content with the help of the Table Editing feature of Mercury Editor. The Snippets feature of this HTML 5 editor enables you to insert predefined reusable bits of markup with the help of simple drag and drop. Uploading the images on your website has never been so easier as it is with Mercury Editor. You only need to drag the images directly from your desktop to automatically upload and insert them on to your website because of the Image Upload feature of this editor.

4. Aptana Studio

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Aptana Studio is yet another free and open source HTML 5 editor that also supports JavaScript, CSS3, PHP, Rails, Ruby and Python along with HTML 5. This editor provides support for all the major web browsers out there. It also includes information about the levels of support for each of these web browsers. The Deployment Wizard of Aptana Studio enables you to automatically publish your Ruby and Rails applications to the hosting services such as Heroku and Engine Yard.

Aptana Studio

This HTML 5 editor comes with an Integrated Debugger which means that you can set breakpoints, inspect variables and control the execution of your code very conveniently with the help of Aptana Studio. It also helps you in catching the bugs present within your HTML 5 code. This HTML 5 editor also supports Git Integration so that you can easily upload your project code on the version control software and collaborate with your project development team for efficient delivery of your project.

Aptana Studio even provides you with a Built-in Terminal for allowing you to quickly access the command line interface for the execution of your operating system commands and language utilities like gem, rake, etc. The best thing about this HTML 5 editor is that it has a fully Customizable IDE which means that you can easily set up your Development Environment just the way you like it in order to make it more convenient and easy to use for your own self.

5. BlueGriffon

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BlueGriffon is a web-based HTML 5 editor designed for the Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems. The most fascinating fact about this editor is that despite being a web-based editor, it can still be downloaded on your computer system and used even without an Internet connection because it is supported by the Firefox’s Gecko Rendering Engine. It has a very friendly and highly responsive user interface that immediately attracts naive users as well as the experts. This HTML 5 editor provides support for all the basic HTML elements such as videos, audios, forms, etc.


This HTML 5 editor is so efficient that it allows Copying and Pasting between all the different flavors of HTML. Along with HTML, BlueGriffon also gives full support for CSS. You can customize the interface of this editor just the way you want in order to make it more easier to use. Moreover, you can also view its interface in 20 different languages. The User’s Manual feature of BlueGriffon is there to make your journey of using this HTML 5 editor all the more easier and comfortable.

As far as the licensing of BlueGriffon is concerned, then it offers us the following three plans:

  • BlueGriffon Free- As the name implies, this license of BlueGriffon is absolutely free to download and use but with a limited set of features.
  • BlueGriffon Basic License- The Basic License of BlueGriffon costs 75 euros (one time cost) along with the Value Added Tax (VAT) inside the European Union (EU).
  • BlueGriffon EPUB License- The price of the BlueGriffon EPUB License is  195 euros (one time cost) along with the Value Added Tax (VAT) inside the European Union (EU).

BlueGriffon Pricing