It hasn’t even been a fortnight since the iOS 13 update rolled out for the iPhone. Since then, Apple has done something quite unlike itself. Usually, users see minor bug fixes after a major update before actually seeing a point one after it. This time though, Apple was keen to Beta Test its iOS 13.1 early that today it released it for the iPhones, while the iPadOS was released for the compatible models.

That’s right, it has barely been a couple of days since the release of iOS 13 that Apple has rolled out a point update for its devices (A smack at all Android devices and their update strategy). With the iOS 13.1 though, Apple not only fixes minor bugs and issues which were present in the current iOS 13 release, but it also brings about a couple of features that were taken out of the iOS 13 beta before.

While the update only reads “bug fixes and improvements”, it comes packed with some new features as well. Firstly, the update includes an addition to the Shortcuts app. The app now allows automation for Homekit usage or otherwise. How it would work is basically when it is a certain time or temperature, the task would start on its own, redefining the smart home as it does. On the topic of the homekit, Apple has added more detailed and realistic icons to the app.

Coming to the H1 chip now. The feature which allowed users to share two pairs of Airpods on iOS 13 now allows the same for other devices with H1 and even W1 chips in them. For the volume controls as well, when these devices are connected, adjusting the volume would indicate the respective device in the volume bar. This extends to two pairs of headsets connected as well.

Other features include the Share ETA feature which is derived from apps like Uber. With the feature, users can share their estimated time of arrival with their friend who can then follow along with them. There are more features included as well such as new reading goals settings and a couple of more. Users can update their devices (a first for iPod touch 7 users) to iOS 13.1 from the settings, over the air.